Baird Bay, formerly known Beard’s Bay, is located 50 kilometers South of Streaky Bay on the eye of the Eyre Peninsula of South Australia.

Baird Bay

Baird Bay is one of the few places where you can watch the rare and endangered Australian Sea Lions, swim around in their natural habitat.

During your visit to Baird Bay, join one of the cruises through the clear, intensely blue waters of the area for a spectacular swimming experience with the local Australian Sea Lions.  Hopefully some of the dolphins who live in the area will also come to the party!

These magical creatures of South Australia, are delightful swimmers and with their playful curiosity, they like to play and welcome guests by performing somersaults and graceful swirls. For our visitors who are not keen to swim, you can still enjoy these beautiful sea creatures, by simply viewing them from the boat.

The Eyre Peninsula is a truly wondrous part of South Australia, full of arts, culture and, of course, amazing natural adventures! So, what are some of the other splendid activities that await you in this pristine part of Oz?

Cage diving with great white sharks

So, you’ve had a swim with the seals and you’re thinking, “yes, that was a wonderful experience! But I’m also a thrillseeker, and seals are on the more cuddly side of things – I want to get near something fierce on the Eyre Peninsula!” Well, thrillseeker, you have said this to yourself in the perfect part of Australia.

Why? Cage diving with great white sharks – that’s why.

Head on down to Port Lincoln and hop aboard a chartered boat that, once in the vicinity of the world’s most fearsome sea creature, you will be lowered down in the relative safety of a semi-enclosed metal cage!

Only joking – the cage dive is completely safe, otherwise they simply wouldn’t go ahead, right? But all in all, they truly are one of the most thrilling, adrenaline-pumping activities to submerge yourself anywhere in the world, and Port Lincoln is Australia’s top spot to do it.

Lincoln National Park

Ahhh, breathe a sigh of relief, it’s time to chill out after your epic shark cage dive, and there is nowhere better to do it than just south of Port Lincoln at the Lincoln National Park.

This gorgeous natural wilderness is home to gorgeous swimming beaches, beach camping and plenty of amazing land animals to see (you don’t have to be in a cage this time…).

Silo art

Let’s face it: silos are eyesores. Well, bare silos are, anyway, and so someone on the Eyre Peninsula had the ripper idea of brightening their dull collection up with some absolutely stunning silo art.

Located in the northeast of the peninsula, there are plenty of opportunities to spot some stunning silo art in towns like Tumby Bay, Cowell and Kimba. They are a truly magical spectacle on what would otherwise be a pretty forgettable sight (sorry to any passionate silo workers out there!).

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