Hastings Reef is one of the most popular outer reefs in the Great Barrier Reef.

Hastings Reef is about 50 kilometres from Cairns and is one of the outer reefs. A fun fact, the shape of Hastings Reef looks like a horseshoe!

Hastings Reef is a great snorkelling reef

Outer reefs are often deep and are the perfect diving spots in the Great Barrier Reef. But Hastings Reef is actually quite shallow, being about 13 metres. Depending on the tide, this reef becomes a better snorkelling spot rather than diving. Even though Hastings Reef is the perfect snorkelling location, there is a chance you can still scuba dive here!

Snorkel with the different marine species

With Hastings Reef being a shallow outer reef, you can go snorkelling and see the fish swimming about in the coral. There are also larger reef animals that are spotted where the reef wall drops off.

Hastings Reef has some beautiful and iconic reef species that you can see while snorkelling. From the majestic green sea turtles to the reef squids, reef sharks, and all kinds of fish.

Hastings Reef Map