Jamison Valley is one of the main valleys in the Blue Mountains.

Jamison Valley is the beautiful greenery of what you see below the towns of Katoomba, Leura, and Wentworth Falls. The valley is about 10 kilometres wide from Narrow Neck Plateau to Kings Tableland. Then it extends from Katoomba to Mount Solitary making it about 4 kilometres. So, when you’re looking out towards Mount Solitary from the cliff tops in the towns, you’re staring out over Jamison Valley.

Jamison Valley forms part of the Coxs River in the Blue Mountains. The Cox River is a complex canyon system that has canyons and valleys. With many canyons in the area, Empress Canyon is the main one. This canyon is only short but it’s impressive and is near Wentworth Falls.

When you’re in Jamison Valley here are just a few things you’ll be able to see and do in the area.

Three Sisters

The Three Sisters are an iconic sandstone formation that is in the Blue Mountains within Jamison Valley. It’s hard to not miss the Three Sisters as it’s one of the main attractions in the area!

Echo Point

Echo Point has immaculate views of Jamison Valley and the Three Sisters! To get a beautiful view, come down to Echo Point and watch the sunrise over Jamison Valley to start your morning.

Go swimming

Within Jamison Valley, there are many spots where you can cool off in the water. Some popular spots to swim in are Jamison Creek, Kedumba River, and Pool of Siloam to name a few.

Scenic World

Scenic World has three rides and a walking track through Jamison Valley. Two of the rides have amazing views across Jamison Valley. The Scenic Walkway is a 10 to 20 minute walk through Jamison Valley. Follow the boardwalk and try to spot plants and trees that are from the Jurassic period.

Katoomba Falls

Katoomba Falls is a beautiful waterfall that descends into Jamison Valley. The waterfall is 230 metres tall and includes a few plunges. The best time to see Katoomba Falls is after a large amount of rain.


There are a lot of bushwalking tracks that take you to parts of Jamison Valley. The more popular walk is the National Pass which is about four hours long. There are other shorter walking tracks like the Castle Head which is two hours, or there are even some two day long ones!

Jamison Valley Map