Things to Do in Melbourne City

Regarded as the cultural capital of Australia, Melbourne City’s endless amount of art, food, sport and shopping culture sets it apart from the rest of the world. Embrace Melbourne’s fantastic range of attractions and events as you go an explore the region! every culture has created the progressive fusion style which defines Melbourne’s food and chic.

  • The Beauty

    Melbourne is truly a unique city, home to a range of modern buildings and stunning architecture, a sprawling labyrinth of laneways tangle out in every direction. The city celebrates its art, decorating its walls in graffiti, building gallery after gallery on its streets, and blending art into its food, fashion, and even lifestyle. The buildings to be sure to check out include the Royal Exhibition Building, Parliament House and the Princess Theatre for its deep-rooted elegance. As well as Melbourne’s best modern buildings include the Eureka Tower and federation square. Churches within Melbourne are also famous for their architecture as well as their history. Visit the St Patrick’s Cathedral or St Paul’s Cathedral which are both beautiful inside and out. One of the best ways to see all of the city’s highlights is via the Yarra River which runs right through. Cruise down the Yarra River, spanning from the outer city areas, into the heart of the city, enjoying a glass of sparkling along the way!

  • The Food

    Melbourne’s food is legendary, mainly due their progressive fusion style which defines not just Melbourne’s food, but style as well. Blending together a range of different cultural foods with the contemporary style of Melbourne. Resulting in some of the best fusion cuisines and restaurants in the entire world. Regardless if you choose a fine dining experience in the award-winning restaurants, or kick up your heels at the city’s Chinatown, Melbourne’s food is sure to have your tastebuds thanking you!

  • The Sport

    Melbourne is known as Australia’s sport capital, and for good reason! Home to the main sporting events of the year, including Australian Football, Cricket, Tennis, and more! Head to the main sporting stadiums, including the MCG, Marvel Stadium, and others to get a chance to join in, in the local cheers!

  • The Nightlife

    Don’t head back to your hotel room after dinnertime, as the city is home to some of the greatest clubs and bars in the world. Simple stroll down the many cobblestone laneways or walk down the bustling main streets and pop into the glorious array of venues. Cocktails are the name of the game, with some of the best cocktail bartenders around offering a stack of unique and creative cocktail choices!

  • The Outer Regions

    After seeing all of what Melbourne has to offer, why not head out of the city to see all of Victoria’s greatest sights. Depending on which route you take, you will lead to lush countryside, delicious wineries, crashing beaches, and lush bushland. Take it easy on a relaxing weekend sipping endless glasses of wine when you drive out to the Yarra Valley wine region. See some of Victoria’s fantastic animals up close and personal at the fantastic Phillip Island. Or cruise down the glorious Great Ocean Road for a picture-perfect beach holiday and visit the famous 12 apostles.

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