Michaelmas Cay is a white sand island in the Great Barrier Reef.

Michaelmas Cay is about 40 kilometres from Cairns and has some of the softest white sand you can walk on. You can get to the cay via a boat and go into the water or enjoy the beach. The water here is rather calm and it’s also very clear, making it great to see underwater.

Discover what’s surrounding Michaelmas Cay

At Michaelmas Cay, you can go snorkelling or diving! The water is very clear, making Michaelmas Cay a perfect diving spot in the Great Barrier Reef. When you go snorkelling or diving you will be able to explore the coral reefs and spot all kinds of marine life around the cay.

You can also go swimming off the sand to cool off on a warm day. But if you don’t want to get into the water, there is a glass bottom boat or the semi submarine. These boats allow you to still see the coral and marine creatures without getting wet.

Snorkel or dive with marine life

Michaelmas Cay has almost all the marine life you can imagine. Whether you snorkel or dive, you’ll be spotting some kind of reef species in these waters. Tropical fish are common to spot, especially the massive humphead Maori wrasse that can be about seven feet long!

Seabirds love Michaelmas Cay

There are about 23 seabird species that live on Michaelmas Cay. Most of these birds will use the cay as their nesting habitat, which makes Michaelmas Cay a protected bird sanctuary. Breeding season happens throughout the year, but mainly during the summer.

Some common birds that are around include the crested tern, black noody, and the sooty tern.

Michaelmas Cay Map