Osprey Reef is a seamount, meaning it is an underwater mountain!

Osprey Reef is almost 350 kilometres from Cairns and is out far north east in the Coral Sea. This reef is one of the biggest reefs in the area and has breathtaking underwater views of the marine life and colourful coral.

Snorkelling and diving

Osprey Reef is one of the best diving spots in the world and you can also go snorkelling. Both snorkelling and diving are great due to the water at this reef being crystal clear. It is so clear underwater that you can sometimes see 30 to 60 metres in front of you!

When you go diving, you’ll discover all the overhangs, caves, and grottoes with a variety of different marine life to see.

Swim with the reef species

Ever wanted to swim with sharks? Osprey Reef is known for having different types of reef sharks in large groups. The most common all year round are grey reef whaler sharks and white tip reef sharks. From the reef, people have been able to see whales, dolphins, and all kinds of tropical fish.

Osprey Reef Map