Things to Do at Scenic World

To see the Blue Mountains in all its glory, your best bet is to visit Scenic World. With unforgettable experiences including a walkway, a skyway, a cableway, as well as a railway. Travel in style as you marvel at the jagged cliff tops, rock formations and forestland.

The incredible, World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains are an unforgettable sight to see. Located a short drive from Australia’s largest city, Sydney. It is a huge expansion of land, stretching 11,400 km in size, with a range of steep cliffs, large mountain tops, all covered in a carpet of lush bushland. What better way to see this spectacular landscape than with a bird’s-eye view? Scenic World is the best place to visit for the ultimate Blue Mountains adventure. Travel in style in one or more of Scenic World’s experiences.

The Scenic Skyway

Glide 720 metres across two cliff tops as you are suspended 270 metres above the ground. Although it may sound scary, this activity is completely safe and one of Scenic Worlds most renowned attractions. See 360-degree views of famous sights such as the Three Sisters and the Jamison Valley. If you are feeling brave, try standing on the electro-glass cabin floor to see a bird’s-eye view of the forest floor. Otherwise, the cabin provides solid floors and chairs for the faint-hearted. This thrilling adventure is perfect for any kind of traveller at any age.

The Scenic Cableway

Similar to the skyway cable car, this large cableway lets you stand inside as you view the spectacular landscape from above. Descending into the Jamison Valley while looking out the massive glass windows. This 545-metre journey lets you view attractions from a completely different perspective. Sights such as the Three Sisters, Mount Solitary, Katoomba Falls as well as Orphan Rock can be seen. It is accessible for both wheelchairs and prams, fitting around 84 per cabin.

The Scenic Walkway

If you are turning green just thinking about heights, you can still enjoy a day exploring the Blue mountains from the ground. There are several tracks ranging from half an hour to two hours. There is also Scenic World’s Walkway, a perfect activity for any kind of traveller at any fitness level. This elevated wooden path with metal fencing snakes through the thick ancient forest for 2.4-kilometre. Complete with sitting areas, lookout spots, as well as an open-air Rainforest room.

The Scenic Railway

The steepest passenger railway in the world will get the heart pumping. A state-of-the-art design, this railway has glass roof carriages and lets you choose your own seating position up to 20 degrees. Ride at the 52-degree incline and descend 310 metres through a cliff channel to appear in the ancient rainforest. There are different types of rides, including the Original, the Cliff-hanger, or the Laid-Back options. Choose which suits you best as you submerge into the forestland surrounds. It departs every ten minutes, with 84 passengers a cabin, ensuring a short wait in line.