Rugged beauty and the guarantee of exceptionally jaw-dropping scenery draw visitors to the South Coast.

South Coast, New South Wales

Spanning 400km of the coastline to the border of Victoria, it offers a menu of incredible scenes that can’t be replicated anywhere else in Australia. Holiday favourites like Wollongong and Ulladulla offer hedonistic days of sunbathing and cocktail sipping, while their quieter counterparts like Eden and Batemans Bay proffer a sense of olde-worlde charm with their fishing heritage and age-old historic settlements.

The main roads that carve through the region are flanked by national parks that boast intimate beaches, hidden coves, and remote mountain scenery topped with rugged bush land.

This is where the secluded charm of the South comes into its element, providing visitors with wineries tucked away in the countryside, culinary encounters set far from the braying crowds, and a heavy emphasis on ecotourism. The icing on the cake is the plentiful whale watching and diving opportunities to be had in the region.

NSW’s South Coast is a fun-filled and absolutely breathtaking part of Australia, where adventure meets stunning scenery to create an exceptionally magical place for a holiday…

So, what are some of the joyous activities that await you in Merimbula, Montague Island and throughout the South Coast?

Seal snorkelling

Montague Island, situated just off the coast from Narooma, is a natural wonderland that is chock-full of cheeky wildlife. The island is home to an abundant fur seal colony, thousands of little penguins and plenty of bird species, making it one of Australia’s great nature islands!

There are plenty of activities for nature-lovers to get stuck into on this pristine natural paradise, but the best one has to be an underwater seal snorkelling safari! Chartered boats leave from Narooma, taking you around the island before supplying you with the scuba gear needed to swim with the seals!

Oyster shucking

NSW’s South Coast is one of Australia’s top foodie regions, a place where the sea meets the farm to produce world class seafood and delicious local delights. The Sapphire Coast is the place to be to sink your teeth into some of the world’s best oysters, prawns and fresh fish, but oysters have to be the delicacy that puts the South Coast on the world culinary map.

You will find the world’s freshest oysters on countless menus around the coast, but the way to really enjoy these delightful little morsels is through Captain Sponge’s Magical Oyster Tour. On these wildly named tours you get to learn all about oysters and their production, whilst shucking and putting them down straight from the farm!

Merimbula Main Beach

Merimbula’s Main Beach is absolutely gorgeous, with sweeping views across the tide and down the coast. No trip to the South Coast is complete without stopping by there, and there are plenty of water activities to partake in once you tire of lazing around in the beautiful NSW sun.

Surfing and SUPing are both on the itinerary – be sure to grab yourself a board and head to the waves!

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