Things to Do in Yarra Valley

Wine is the name of the game in the Yarra Valley, being a picturesque countryside region with sprawling green hills and lush vineyards. Located a stone’s throw from the bustling metropolis of Melbourne, offering visitors a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Folk can enjoy a mouth-watering array of restaurants, local wineries, and seasonal farm shops. Here, you can explore the spectacular scenery that runs alongside the Yarra River before sampling some of the region’s best-loved tipple varieties.

  • The Wineries

    When venturing into the rolling hills of the Valley, quench your thirst with the diverse wine varieties on offer. The climate in the region along with the types of soil make it one of the few places in Australia that can produce these wide selections of world-class wines. The premium grape must have wine is the much-loved Chardonnay, a marvellous white that tastes the citrus and floral notes. Other noteworthy varieties are their Sparkling wine and Pinot noir. Sparkling wine in Yarra Valley is known for its fresher, lighter and crisper feel. With Pinot Noir’s taste varying from either fruiter to savoury to dense.

  • The Dessert Shops

    If you need a break from wine for a spell, Yarra Valley’s Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and Ice-Creamery is the perfect place to indulge your sweet tooth. Surrounded by 40 acres of stunning greenery, satisfying your eyes as well as your taste buds. Let your inner child run free as you try out the countless chocolate and ice cream tastings on offer, while watching the masters at work as they create in-house the treats from scratch. After filling your belly with sweets, see which flavour your favourite is to take home.

  • The Breweries

    If you aren’t a wine drinker but prefer sipping on a brew, Napoleone Brewery and Cider House are for you. This creative space is both a working brewery as well as a showroom, having countless types of beer and cider on offer. See the brew workshop through the large glass window behind the bar as you sip on their creation. Visit the cellar door or try out the tasting paddle while you enjoy the rustic atmosphere.

  • The National Parks

    To the east, the Yarra Ranges National Park juts upwards in a flurry of mountainous peaks and incredible views. Submerge yourself in the bushland as you venture along the Park’s tracks snaking through the area. See the majestic mountain ash trees and the ancient fern plants sprinkling through. If you are silent, you might get a chance to spot the Australian native animals roaming through.

  • The Produce Stores

    Grab fresh produce on your way home at Gateway Estate. Bursting with delicious produce, including the best local berries and wonderful seasonal vegetables. Try out the Strawberry U-pick activity, perfect for the whole family. Simply pick up a basket and start hunting, loading up your container with as many fresh berries you can carry. For the meat eaters, don’t leave without getting some sustainable Angus beef. And if you still haven’t had enough wine, visit the cellar door to taste the delicious wines and liquors made in-house.

  • The Animals

    After stopping into a number of exceptional wineries, shops, and restaurants, you are ready for the bushland of the Yarra Valley. It is a haven for wildlife, with some of Australia’s most beloved natives roaming about the region. If you have no luck while walking within the bush, you can head to the Healesville Sanctuary instead, a perfect spot to guarantee you a few animal sightings. You can get even closer for a Magic Moment with the animals, an experience that allows you one on one time with a number of the friendly creatures.