Green Island Tours

Green Island is a delightful getaway just a forty-minute boat ride from Cairns. The idyllic island is the perfect place to spend a day exploring, having fun and enjoying island life. Green Island is one of the most mesmerizing places along the Great Barrier Reef. Head here for a day and discover the eclectic range of animals and plant life that lives here.

The island formed approximately 6,000 years ago as waves washed sand and coral onto its coral reef foundations. Today, it is the largest coral quay island in the Great Barrier Reef. Due to its relatively recent formation, the island is mostly untouched and supports delightfully picturesque beaches and thick rainforest.

Today it is one of the most popular destinations in Queensland. Although some say this is due to the island putting Cairns on the map when it first launched the world’s first underwater observatory.

Best Green Island Day Trips

Once you arrive make a beeline towards the tranquil beach. To discover the underwater wonderland in the Island’s shores, choose either a glass-bottom boat tour or snorkel gear for a self-guided swimming escapade. Discover the magnificent marine animals that call the reefs home and see some of the vibrant fish that have made the Great Barrier Reef so popular. Maybe you’ll even be able to find Nemo!

If you’d rather sit along the sand nice and dry, lay out your towel and soak in the warm Australian sun rays. Get to know the island from below the water’s surface on a semi-submarine or glass-bottomed boat. Your friendly guide will teach you all about the animals and corals you see. Finish your afternoon shore-side and relax on the pristine white beach.

Green Island Day Tours

But there’s more to this island than just beautiful beaches! Take the opportunity to discover some of the Island’s best-loved spots, including the unique rainforests that edge the beaches.

The entire of Green Island is, in fact, a National Park, and it is easy to see why when you are here. Head up from the beach and take a self-guided eco walk and be engulfed by the shady vine-thicket rainforest. There are over 120 plant species for you to discover. The walk will lead you around most of the island’s perimeter, while interpretive signage teaches you about the unique plants you’re seeing.

The climate here is great year-round so be sure to book your Green Island tour for your next Queensland holiday. Green Island is a magnificent escape from the mainland and the perfect addition to your next holiday.