Kakadu National Park Tours

Kakadu is Australia’s largest national park, taking up an area in the Northern Territory the size of Slovenia. Our tours offer travellers the opportunity to learn the fascinating history and culture of the local Aboriginal people, surrounded by some of Australia’s most impressive natural scenery. Visitors on a tight schedule can get a taste of this spectacular region on our 1 Day Kakadu Tour from Darwin. To explore this region thoroughly and gain a full appreciation for its beauty, join one of our multi-day tours. We have two, three and five day tours to Kakadu and Litchfield National Parks that delve deep into the culture, history and allure of this stunning region.

Best Kakadu Day Tours

We’d all love to spend five days touring Kakadu National Park, but sometimes we just have to make do with the time we have. You can still experience the magic of Kakadu on our 1 day tour from Darwin. The tour departs early, heading straight down the Stuart Highway towards Kakadu, making the first stop at the Nourlangie Rock Art site. Be amazed by the history depicted on the walls of this cave, which has functioned as a shelter for the indigenous community for thousands of years. Enjoy a buffet lunch, cruise on the Yellow Water Billabong to look for some crocodiles and learn about Indigenous culture at the Warradjan Aboriginal Cultural Centre. The tour returns to Darwin in the evening after a full day of exploring the Kakadu National Park.

Our multi-day Kakadu National Park Tours depart from Darwin to explore deep into this spectacular region of Australia’s Top End. Choose from a two, three or five day adventure to discover cascading waterfalls, serene plunge pools, unforgettable landscapes and unique Aussie wildlife. Learn about the fascinating culture of the local Aboriginal people visiting ancient rock art sites and view the strange formations of the giant termite mounds. All our tours include accommodation camping under the stars, for a true outback experience under the impressive night sky.

Kakadu Wet Season Tours (November to April)

The tropical climate of the Top End means some areas of Kakadu are inaccessible during the rainy wet season. We change up our itineraries during this time so visitors to Darwin from November to April still have the opportunity to explore Kakadu National Park during the wet season. The influx of rain means smaller waterfalls and creeks fill up again, offering us new places to discover. Join our 2 or 3 Day Kakadu and Litchfield Tour to make the most of the wet season in the Top End with these unforgettable experiences.