Set to visit the land down under? Check out the essential items needed for the scorching summer heat!

Australia Beach

  • Good Walking Shoes

    Whether you are interested in the city sights, the coastline regions, or the thick bushland, a good pair of walking shoes is a must for your travels.

  • Lightweight Clothes

    The Australian heat can get quite overwhelm bling for newcomers, so it’s always best to opt for lighter material – especially those made from natural fibres. These also work well to layer, which comes in handy on those rare rainy cold days amidst the summer season.

  • Waterproof/windproof Jacket

    For Australia’s northern regions, summer is also considered the wet season. With continuous showers throughout the day and even the occasional thunderstorm and cyclone, a waterproof jacket is a must, with these rain episodes coming out of nowhere on brilliantly sunny days.

  • Sunscreen

    No matter how confident you are on your tanning abilities, the Australian sun is here to set you straight. With sun strength in the Southern Hemisphere far stronger than its northern neighbour. Sunscreen is a must even for locals, who learnt the mantra ‘Slip Slop Slap’ at birth.

  • Aloe Vera Gel

    It is your knight in shining armour for when you disregard our previous packing essential and burn to a crisp in the Aussie sun. The cool gel soothes your red-hot skin and helps stop any burnt area to flake off.

  • Hat

    Sunscreen isn’t the only barrier to the scorching sun, with hats also coming in handy. Whether it’s a bucket hat, wide-brim straw hat, or a simple cap, it can make a huge difference when you spend a full day out in the open.

  • Thongs

    Don’t be alarmed by this item, as when we Aussies refer to thongs, we actually mean our sandals. They are a staple in the Australian community, with locals wearing them to the beach, shops, restaurants, and even the movies.

  • Sunnies

    Be stylish as well as SunSmart as you whack on your coolest pair of sunnies during your day of adventuring.

  • Bathers

    Australia is bursting with incredible beaches, waterfalls, and outer reef spots, so a good pair of bathers (aka swimmers/cozi/swimsuit) will become your best friend during your holiday here.

  • Waterproof camera case

    Some of Australia’s extraordinary sights have to be seen to believe, but no one ever regrets taking a photo. Due to the majority of these sights being immersed or next door to water, its always a good idea to be safer than sorry and pack a waterproof case.

  • Insect Repellent

    The hot nights of summer brings a herd of unwanted visitors, with mosquitos being one of them. If you aren’t careful and apply a large helping of insect repellent during your night-time adventures, you may wake up with your entire body itching with bug bites.

  • Motion Sickness Pills

    Heading out to the reef for a glorious day amidst the Great Barrier Reef? Avoid the day turning into a nauseating trip with your pack of motion sickness pills. Many are shocked by the large rocks and sways of the boat as they venture, and those not prepared regret it.

  • Stubbie Holder

    Aussies are famous for cracking open a cold one during the summer heat, whether it is in the day or night. Stubbie holders go hand in hand with the beer, keeping the can nice and cold as you enjoy laidback vibes of Australia.

  • Travel Money Card

    Undoubtedly one of the most essential items on our list, with your trusty money card letting you spoil yourself on all the glorious activities Australia’s summer has to offer.

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Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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