Find out why you shouldn’t skip out on Australia’s remote city of Perth, with the region offering a canopy of blue sky, glorious natural wonders, and a trendy city experience.

The west side of Australia may fall through the cracks of the traveller’s minds when the Great Barrier Reef and Sydney Opera House are in view, but Perth holds some of the country’s greatest treasures. Head out west and be prepared for a holiday jam-packed with beaches, charming locals, and natural landmarks at every turn. The stunning and remote city of Perth is the capital of Western Australia. With the city home to multiple attractions both in and out of the city centre, read our beginner’s guide and find out all the best spots you should visit to guarantee yourself an unforgettable holiday.

  • Fremantle

    Located only half an hour from the city centre of Perth, Fremantle is renowned for its art and culture. The sidewalks buzz with the tunes of buskers, trendy cafes fill the streets, and art covers both the buildings and the many galleries. Spend a day here soaking up the culture, learning about the history by visiting the Fremantle Prison or the Roundhouse. Afterwards, you can visit the Fremantle Arts Centre and enjoy the latest exhibitions, live music and art courses. Refuel at the Cappuccino Strip, which is home to an abundant number of outdoor cafes and restaurants, before finishing the night off at the local markets or the trendy bars.

  • Kings Park

    Undoubtedly one of Australia’s largest and most magnificent inner-city parks, Kings Park is made up of 400 hectares, with two-thirds bushlands and the entire area overlooking the stunning Swan River. The rest of the park is made up of beautiful gardens, memorial landmarks, playgrounds, as well as picnic and barbeque areas. The park is rich in both Aboriginal and European history, with particular designs and displays honouring the land’s history. Kings Park also has a reputation for scientific research, being home to the Western Australian Botanic Garden which displays over 3,000 species of the State’s unique flora. Make sure to set some time aside for a sunny afternoon in this park’s glorious greenery!

  • Rottnest Island

    A quick 25-minute ferry ride from Perth will take you to the sunny holiday island of Rottnest Island. Blessed with picturesque beaches and bays, dazzling wildlife, and an unlimited amount of walking tracks. Adventuring about on your own at Rottnest Island is defiantly recommended, whether you walk, hike, or bike your way around. When heading to the 63 beaches and 20 bays to choose from, make sure to bring snorkel gear, as the region is a literal water playground.

  • Pinnacles

    Escape Perth’s city life and visit the exceptional, other-worldly landscape of the Pinnacles. Covering the sprawling expanse of the Nambung National Park desert region, the limestone structures that make up the Pinnacles vary in shape and size, with some standing as high as five metres. They developed approximately up to 30,000 years ago after the sea level lowered and left large deposits of seashells, with wind and rain slowly shaping the pillars until the unique shapes we see today formed. Visit here during the sunset time, to experience the vast changing colours of both the sunset and the desert landscape.

These are just some of the exceptional sights Perth is proud of, so head here for a unique and unforgettable journey!

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