Get the hang of snorkelling before you even hit the water with our beginner’s guide!

Everyone on earth has fantasied about travelling to the Great Barrier Reef to see the colourful coral and tropical fish up close. But those who weren’t born with a reef right outside their door might find snorkelling the outer ocean a bit unnerving. With the strong currents, unusual animals, and choppy waves, some may find snorkelling quite a challenging activity. But have no fear as our beginner guide to snorkelling will help you lose any fears and assist you in exploring the reef with confidence!

Who can do it?

Anyone who is up to having a go at snorkelling can easily master it within a day! In fact, it’s so easy to pick up, that many people soon look for more adventurous pursuits such as scuba diving. However, snorkelling has its charms, being an easy and rewarding activity to choose. Essentially, it involves swimming through the water’s surface, looking down at the underwater wonderland below you. Even if you aren’t the most confident swimmer, snorkelling can be a breeze if you grab a floatation device or vest.

What you need

A major plus with snorkelling is that it requires minimal gear, with each swimmer only needing a pair of flippers, a face mask, and a breathing tube. This is a tiny amount compared to scuba diving! Snorkelling offering greater flexibility, allowing you to bring your gear on trips where bringing tons of scuba gear isn’t a possibility. And the lack of bubbles means you can often get closer to marine wildlife than with scuba gear on.

Tips and Tricks

Fixing your dive mask

One of the main problems when people snorkel is their face mask leaking, which can turn your experience amidst the colourful reef into a blurry salt stinging adventure. Luckily, there is a way to ensure a proper, sealed mask fit. To check the mask fits your face properly, put the mask on your face without putting the mask strap on. Make sure no hair has got in the way too. After it is in the correct position, slowly and gently inhale, then let go of the mask. If the mask drops away from on you face, it does not fit, if it remains, that mask is for you!

How to stay a float

Many snorkellers struggle with remaining afloat on the water, using up all their energy by swimming too hard or treading water. The simple way to stop this is to relax, breathe in smoothly, use your flippers to cruise through the water, and have a floating vest to help you keep yourself above the water if you’re struggling. Snorkelling is an easy task but overthinking it can be your worst enemy.

Now you are ready, so what are you waiting for? Explore the extraordinary world that is the Great Barrier Reef on an exciting snorkelling adventure!

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