Experience the best one day Kakadu tour and immerse yourself in the inspiring Australian landscape.

Kakadu is a unique national park located just three hours from Darwin. The national park boasts a rich Aboriginal history, diverse wildlife, and stunning landscapes. If the drive through the Northern Territory seems daunting or you prefer not to drive long distances, our one day Kakadu tour from Darwin is the perfect solution!

Here are the multiple attractions you’ll see throughout the day on your Kakadu tour.

Jumping Crocodile Cruise 

The Jumping Crocodile Cruise is the perfect first stop to split up the long drive to Kakadu. The Jumping Crocodile Cruise takes you down Adelaide River where you watch crocs swim towards the boat and launch out of the water to grab the bait.

Fogg Dam Conservation Centre

Explore the Fogg Dam wetlands, renowned for their diverse birdlife, particularly active from March to October. There is almost 200 bird species that live here, including some rare ones!

Bowali Visitor Centre 

Visit the Bowali Visitor Centre for your chance to gain more knowledge of Kakadu. You’ll have the chance to ask some questions to the staff, check out the displays, and learn about the local landscapes, animals, and plants.

Marrawuddi Arts & Culture

Around the corner from the visitor centre, you will be able to see the local Aboriginal art at the Marrawuddi Arts & Culture. Mirarr people are the creators of the screen-printing, weaving, painting, photography, and sculptures you see here.

Cahills Crossing

Not only is Cahills Crossing considered Australia’s deadliest crossing, but it also makes a good viewing spot to look for the saltwater crocs. The viewing area sits on the western bank of the East Alligator River, giving you excellent opportunities to spot the large crocs.

Ubirr Rock

Considered one of the main attractions in Kakadu, Ubirr is the final stop of the tour. See for yourself the fascinating rock art, with some being 20,000 years old. Make your way through the rock art gallery before doing a short walk to see the breathtaking views over the Nadab Floodplains.

After Ubirr Rock, you will head back to Darwin after an incredible day exploring Kakadu. Be sure to book the one day tour in advance to avoid missing out! The tour may change slightly due to traditional owner ceremonies or weather conditions, but it will still be just as remarkable.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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