See the cascading waters thunder or trickle-down at Australia’s top waterfall spots!

Australia is full of exceptional natural wonders, from iconic rock formations to epic coastal views, but undoubtedly one of the best natural wonders are the waterfalls. Found almost everywhere in the country, the waterfalls cascade over jagged dry clifftops in the outback and plunge through lush greenery in the rainforests. To help you choose which waterfalls to visit, we made a list of our all-time favourite waterfall spots around!

  • Millaa Millaa

    Set right outside of Cairns, the iconic Millaa Millaa waterfall lies amidst the lush tropical region of the Atherton Tablelands. Tucked away in the bright greenery of the rainforest, travellers venture through the lush vegetation to get to this concealed wonder. The waterfall itself soars upwards to a height of around 18 metres, with a large pool at the base perfect for swimming. Millaa Millaa is one of the most famous waterfalls in Australia, gaining in popularity after being featured in Peter Andre’s iconic music video for ‘Mysterious Girl’. Since then, people have flocked to this paradise region, splashing around the beautiful waterfalls and acting out Andre’s classic hit.

  • Wentworth Falls

    Hidden in the velvet-canopied confines of the Blue Mountains, Wentworth Falls is the next waterfall on our list. Here, the majestic shimmering waters of the Jamison Creek plunge over the escarpment and cascade hundreds of metres down into a large pool. From there, the water continues, weaving through the valley greenery, with multiple walking paths following its journey. Many travellers spend hours at the falls, enjoying the many lookouts, picnic areas, and walking tracks that surround it.

  • Jim Jim Falls

    Kakadu’s plunge waterfall is epic in size and beauty, cascading 200 metres from the high jagged clifftop. You can see it from a number of viewpoints, either from the air during Kakadu’s wet season or by heading down the challenging track during the dry season. The surrounding scenery makes this waterfall worthwhile, with jagged rocks, lush greenery, and a crystal-clear plunge pool.

  • Wangi Falls

    Litchfield National Park is overflowing with exceptional waterfalls, but Wangi Falls is one of our favourites. With various walking tracks that guide you to the falls and to the surrounds, you can enjoy a leisurely stroll through the lush wildlife while hearing the thundering sounds of the water getting louder. Take a seat on the soft grass nearby and watch the water of Wangi’s two separate falls cascade into the large plunge pool below. You can even pack your bathers and enjoy a dip in the pool to refresh from the blistering sun.

  • Curtis Falls

    Curtis Falls looks like a real-life paradise, with beautiful waters, large ferns, and unique wildlife creating a picture-perfect environment. Located in the Tamborine National Park, travellers can access it by heading along the Curtis Falls track. Look out for unique plants and animals amidst the wet eucalypt rainforest as you make your way to the falls.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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