Skip the wine and opt for the delicious alternative at Hunter Valley’s Distillery!

For wine lovers, the Hunter Valley is a prime location for trying tasty tipples and learning all about the fascinating winemaking process in Australia. Known worldwide as one of the best wine-producing regions, it boasts a lengthy history as part of the country’s rich cultural scene that spans back more than 100 years.

Today, visitors can explore a range of rustic vineyards and wineries that fleck the stunning scenery of the valley, digging into the unique winemaking process that characterises the flavours from this part of the country.

On top of delicious wines, the Hunter Valley also has a thriving foodie scene, with a handful of restaurants that serve up seasonal flavours made from local ingredients.

If you’re looking to explore both the wines and the food on a Hunter Valley day tour, make a pitstop at the Hunter Distillery where you can experience both these facets of local life. It still remains one of the only certified organic distilleries in the Hunter Valley region, New South Wales.

Perhaps the most special thing about the Distillery is that it’s locally owned and run, meaning the rich roots of the valley are completely entrenched. Here, you can try vodkas, liqueurs, schnapps, and the Distillery’s award-winning Copperwave Gin.

What You Can Taste at the Hunter Valley Distillery

All of the Distillery’s products are made using only organic ingredients. While on-site, you can try delights like the Valli Vodka range, which comes in a whole host of different flavours – try Apple, Vanilla, Chilli, or Lemon Myrtle. Elsewhere, you can swig on Black Label Liqueurs and Schnapps in a wide variety of flavours, like mango, ginger, strawberry, and butterscotch.

And, if you have a special do coming up, like a wedding or corporate event, the Master Distiller can mix up a unique concoction to make it an even more special occasion.

Why the Hunter Distiller is So Important

The Hunter Distillery relies on a certain philosophy that it has retained ever since it opened.

For starters, only the best, organic ingredients are used to make the site’s tipple, while the on-site winemakers make sure that only Hunter Valley rainwater is used to make the spirits and liqueurs.

Over the years, the team have endeavoured to only use authentic, traditional methods to make their products, but their systems are paired up with the latest trends in production and quality control to make sure everything produced is the best quality it can be.

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