Perth in Western Australia is a haven for wildlife, and the Caversham Wildlife Park lets visitors see a range of native critters up close and personal.

Featuring more than 200 different species and over 2000 animals, birds, and reptiles, there’s something for everyone.

Its large collection makes it the biggest privately owned collection of native wildlife in PerthWestern Australia and visitors flock from all over the world to get to know the residents.

The park is filled with unique, interactive animal encounters, giving you the chance to discover a range of different creatures and learn more about their habitat, behaviour, and history in Australia.

Things to Do at Caversham Wildlife Park

  • Penguin Feeding

    The resident Little Penguins put on a show each day at feeding time. Visitors can watch them eat and swim while learning fascinating facts about these flightless birds from the passionate and knowledgeable keepers.

  • Meet the Koalas

    Koalas are some of Australia’s best-loved creatures, and there are plenty to get to know at Caversham Wildlife Park. You can stand alongside the resident koalas for a unique photo opportunity. Visitors can take as many photos as they like completely free of charge while learning more about these cute critters.

  • Feed the Kangaroos

    Australia’s most iconic animal, the kangaroo, is a special sight at the Caversham Wildlife Park. Visitors can take a stroll through the designated Kangaroo enclosure and witness the animals enjoying their natural environment. You can grab a handful of kangaroo food as well to feed them as you go through – they’re very friendly! Visitors also have the chance to stand alongside the resident kangaroos and koalas for a unique photo opportunity.

  • Molly’s Farm

    Younger members of the family will enjoy a visit to Molly’s Farm, an interactive farm yard filled with fun creatures and exciting activities. Pick up some animal food as you go to hand-feed the friendly animals, and remember to take your camera for the photo opportunities.

  • Cuddle a Wombat

    These stocky furry creatures are some of the most beloved natives in Australia, found waddling around the bushland or digging their burrow in the dirt. The Wombats at the Caversham Wildlife Park are very friendly, and can easily be a favourite for visitors. Don’t forget to bring your camera as you can take as many shots as you like free of charge!

  • See the Penguins

    Every day crowds cram around the penguin enclosure, seeing the daily penguin feeding by the professional staff here. See these cute creatures have a feed and swim while you learn a little bit more about them with the information talk.

  • The Farm Show

    At the Farm Show, you can witness farm life in action and learn about the many processes that take place in the countryside. Enjoy sheep shearing demonstrations, trying milking a cow, or bottle-feed a cute lamb. There’s also the chance to crack a stock whip, swing a billy, and watch sheep dogs as they herd the resident flock.

Caversham Wildlife Park introduces visitors to the unique selection of wildlife in Western Australia, from iconic native species to farm animals and rich bird life.

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