Kangaroo Island is a hub of Australian wildlife, filled to the brim with exceptional animals, fantastic natural wonders, and jaw-dropping landscape views.

Getting to Kangaroo Island is best through the gateway that is Cape Jervis, being the closest point to the island from the mainland. Find out how far away these two points are to organise your tour day exactly right!

The Distance between Cape Jervis and Kangaroo Island

The Distance between Cape Jervis and Kangaroo Island is 21.7 kilometres and takes approximately 45 minutes via a ferry or boat.

How to Get there

SeaLink Ferry

Kangaroo Island Sealink

This ferry has been taking tourists and locals to and from the fabulous Kangaroo Island every day for the year 30 years. It was once the only way travellers could get to the island. The ferry operates up to 12 services each way per day, so no matter what time you are looking to get to the island, this Sealink has you covered! It isn’t just tourists which this ferry transports, but a range of stuff, from livestock to clothing and fresh produce to fuel, it is a significant part of how Kangaroo Island gets its important stock.

Kangaroo Island Connect (KIC)

They are the newer ferry company in the region, but just as great to join in on. First starting in 2017, they offer even more daily trips to and from the island, operating on a similar timetable to SeaLink. However, this ferry is run completely by locals, so they know their way around the crashing seas and busiest times of the day. The ferry company is also linked with a number of car hire companies around, so you can easily hop from one journey to the next without fail!

Why you should enjoy Cape Jervis

Before you quickly head off into the crashing seas towards the natural wonder that is Kangaroo Island, we suggest first having a look around at this Cape Jervis. Primarily known as the gateway to Kangaroo Island, this town nestled along picturesque Fleurieu Peninsula offers a lot more than travellers think. With only around 300 people living in the town, it has a small country charm to it, with the entire region filled with the natural terrain of bushland and coastal sights. Simply enjoy a walk around and see the great animals that roam about, from koalas hanging out in the trees, kangaroos hopping through the grass, and whales swimming the coastal shores!

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