Find out how you can save or splurge during your Great Barrier Reef adventure!

The Great Barrier Reef is an iconic natural wonder, listed at the very top of many people’s bucket lists. But how much money do you actually need to save up for your tropical adventure? With some sources saying that the reef can cost you an arm and leg and others saying it’s worth every penny, we’re here to clear this up once and for all.

  • Basic Tours

    These tours normally offer snorkelling and give you the chance to sunbathe on deck, surrounded by the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef. Despite being the basic choice, it can work out to be the best value option. Tours normally jet off in the early hours of the morning and take you to the outer reefs for the day. All equipment is included in the tour and you’ll be given special tips and tricks to help your swim go smoothly! Plunge into the waters and discover the marine life that live in this underwater wonderland as you hop from one reef to the next! These tours can range in price depending on the company, but typically they are around a hundred dollars per person.

  • Optional Extras

    There are always optional extras available, with the regular tours offering upgrades for those willing to fork out a little bit more cash! Scuba diving, glass-bottom boat tours, or informational talks may be available (depending on the tour), allowing you to choose on the day if you’re after something more. This works great for those in a big group who are split on what they want to do, letting half stick to snorkelling, and the other half dive down below for an optional scuba diving adventure!

  • Deluxe Tours

    The word deluxe suits these tours perfectly, offering a luxury day out in the Great Barrier Reef! Passengers can enjoy the benefits of a state-of-the-art boat, which is normally a newer, faster model, giving you a bit of extra time out on the reef. Everything is included on this tour, meaning you can hop from snorkelling, to scuba diving, to glass-bottom boat, one right after the other! Your tour will even include a delicious meal cooked on board. If you don’t want to miss out on anything the Great Barrier Reef has to offer, this deluxe tour is for you, typically costing around two to three hundred dollars per person.

  • Multi-Day Tours

    To truly immerse yourself in the underwater wonderland of the reef, why not try out the liveaboard tours, which let you stay in the outer ocean overnight. Seeing the reef during the day and night can be an unforgettable experience as there are many parts of the reef that come alive once the sun sets! The cost can be quite high for the liveaboard boat trips, costing you anywhere from four hundred a thousand dollars.

Great Barrier Reef Tour Price Table

1 Day Fitzroy Island Tour $89
1 Day Green Island Tour $98
1 Day Great Barrier Tour $115
Great Barrier Reef Premium Snorkelling Tour $189
1 Day Great Barrier Reef Cruise Deluxe $205
Great Barrier Reef Pontoon Adventure $219
Cairns Tours Package $250
2 Day Great Barrier Reef Liveaboard Tour $440
3 Day Great Barrier Reef Liveaboard Tour $660

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