After your adventure in Victoria’s Phillip Island, why not travel to the nearby blissful coastal region of the Great Ocean Road.

Here you can soak up the stunning scenery, bursting with incredible wildlife, natural wonders, and charming towns. Experience the diverse range of attractions here and discover all of what Victoria has to offer!

The Beaches

If you are visiting the area during the summertime, a trip to the beach is a must-do activity. The entire coast is chock-a-block full of beach spots, perfect for surfing, sunbaking, or beginner swimmers. The edges are also home to incredible rock pools, so you can discover the unique marine life found here after you’ve hit enough waves for the day!

The Rainforest

There is an endless amount of flora found along the Great Ocean Road, most particularly at the Otway’s National Park. A region with massive ferns and thick trees, with a large canopy that cuts this region off from the rest of the world. It is always cooler in temperature here, with moist greenery and trickling creeks dotted about the area. Stroll through the man-made walking trails and come across stunning natural wonders such as the waterfalls and unique wildlife is hidden about!

The 12 Apostles

Undoubtedly, the Great Ocean Road’s most popular spot is the Twelve Apostles. A range of giant limestone stacks that emerge from the wild ocean shores of the coast. The contrast of rocks along the shallow seawater is a stunning sight to see up close, with many areas to see these historic and impressive geological formations. Viewers can head up to the nearby clifftop lookout point, or travel down to the soft sanded beach. Other guests can even choose to go on a quick helicopter ride, to see the apostles from a bird’s eye view!

The Towns

What better way to explore this area than to meet the locals? The towns are dotted along the road, with the small beach towns home to a lot of lively atmospheres. May spend weekends or weeks in these towns, dining in the restaurants, surfing the beach waves, and enjoying the pop-up markets and festivals! If you don’t have much time to spare, even a quick stop for a coffee and pastry is enough to enjoy the beach views and true Aussie charm!

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