Phillip Island – alongside Kakadu and the Great Barrier Reef – is one of Australia’s most magical nature spots.

From the Penguin’s Parade joyous spectacle to the vibrant reefs that are perfect for diving, through to the amazing surf spots that put this island on the map, Phillip Island has plenty of adventure to go around!

Phillip Island is most certainly open: you can pack your car and head down for an amazing weekend of good times and unforgettable experiences whenever the time suits you, and these fabulous experiences await you once you get there:

The Penguin Parade

The thing that makes Phillip Island so wondrously memorable has to be the Penguin Parade: a one-of-its-kind experience that truly encapsulates Phillip Island’s natural splendour in one amazing waddle up shore!

The Penguin Parade is the time of day that the island’s little penguin colony comes marching into their nests after a big day’s fishing. Hopefully, each crew member has a little catch to feed the family, as it can be trying out there in the Bass Strait.

The Penguin Parade makes for a wonderful sight to see, but just make sure you pick the right time of the year to go: the sun goes down later in summer but it gets preeetty chilly in winter, so you will have to decide which time of year is better for the little ones.

Seal Rocks

The ultimate prelude to the Penguin Parade occurs at all times of day just around the corner. Seal Rocks is named that for a pretty apt reason: it’s where some 20,000 fur seals like to congregate throughout the day, frolicking and lazing about in the sun.

Seeing this lesser known natural spectacle is a must and is the ultimate way to combine adorable animal activities in the one afternoon!


Phillip Island is a world famous surf spot, with quality swells dotted all around the island. What makes this wave-swept island even better is that it can accommodate anyone from grommets to seasoned pros, with the likes of Cape Woolamai, Smiths Beach and Summerland all having varying degrees of difficulty with some being better for beginners and others for experts.


Phillip Island may not be tropical, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have some pretty gorgeous coral reefs to dive among. The Pinnacles, the Gardens and Gull Island all provide pretty awesome dive spots – check them out for yourself.

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