Get in the outback spirit and sleep right under the stars in the Aussie wilderness!

Sleeping beneath the stars is a dream for many people, but in the Red Centre of Australia, this experience is readily available in one of the most exceptional ways. When you sleep under the stars – that is, with no tent or curtains – you essentially become a part of the natural landscape and can feel at one with the exceptional surroundings.

The scenery around Uluru and the nearby collection of monuments dates back millions and millions of years, creating a timeless backdrop to settle down against.

Sleeping in a swag under the night sky is an incredible experience on Uluru tours and it really is one of the best ways you can feel at one with the scenery and immerse yourself in the incredible history and indigenous culture of the region.

Exploring the region is a feast for the eyes. After experiencing the millennia-old natural monuments like the soaring peaks of Kings Canyon, the jutting turrets of Kata Tjuta, and of course the impressive silhouette of Uluru itself, you can kick back and relax with a traditional open-air Aussie barbecue and soak up the incredible sunset that changes the landscape from a vibrant orange to an inky black in moments.

When the sun has dipped below the horizon, you can settle down in your swag and catch some shut eye underneath the stars.

What Exactly Does Sleeping in a Swag Mean?

Swags are essentially a man-size tent, being an open sleeping bags made from canvas. They have a sponge-like mattress attached to the bottom to create an even more comfortable experience. You then place your own sleeping bag within that to create heat and an extra layer of security. In this part of Australia, swags are a go-to piece of sleeping equipment because they’re basically small beds that you can set up underneath the stars with as little hassle as possible.

Is Sleeping in a Swag Safe?

The thought of sleeping out in the open under the stars in one of the remotest parts of Australia might seem like a daunting prospect. What about all the wild animals? What about all the insects? But the outback is actually one of the safest places to sleep under the stars because the dry air means there are very few insects, while the barren landscape means that there are hardly any animals that wander through it at night.

Perhaps the best bit about sleeping in a swag though is the connection you feel with nature. It’s an amazing first time camping experience, or a new experience for those who are well-versed in the camping world.

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