Stradbroke Island is full of breath-taking surprises, and Brown Lake is one of them

North Stradbroke Island is just 30 kilometres southeast of the capital Brisbane.

This perched lake sits on the north of the island and is unique for a number of reasons. Firstly, there are no native fish in the lake, and secondly, it is known as a perched lake because it retains water thanks to a layer of leaves that line the floor. The standing water in the lake is an eye-catching rich brown colour because of the tannin dropped from the leaves that surround it. If you think about it, the lake almost looks like a giant cup of tea.

This hidden treasure is a popular hotspot for visitors in the area. As well as a majestic view over a unique and fascinating natural wonder, the area is peppered with lots of barbecue and picnic facilities, making it the perfect place to hang out for the day and soak up Australia’s natural beauty. Sometimes visitors even take a dip in the lake to cool off in the heat of the sun.

The Best Time to Visit Brown Lake

Like most of Australia’s attractions, visitors can get the most out of Brown Lake if they visit in the early morning or late afternoon. Seeing the lake at sunrise and sunset adds to the magic of the experience, and there are less crowds at these times of the day.

During spring, the area comes to life with a smattering of colourful wildflowers, but there are plenty of native and quirky tree and plant species to keep you busy throughout the rest of the year as well.

The Aboriginal Significance of Brown Lake

Brown Lake (or Bummiera, as it is often called by locals), holds a special significance to the local Aboriginal people. It is most significant for the people of Quandamooka (particularly Dandrubin-Gorenpul and Noonucal Aboriginal groups). The area is thought to be connected very strongly to the women and children of the area, and only women can speak for and about Brown Lake. On top of that, the women are responsible by local Aboriginal law to care and manage for the lake and its surrounding scenery.

Brown Lake is just one of many amazing landmarks on Stradbroke Island. Its unique colouring, fascinating Aboriginal history, and plentiful surrounding flora and fauna make it the perfect daytrip for visitors who want to discover more of Australia’s breath-taking natural beauty.

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