Nestled in Australia’s red centre, feel inspired by the soaring sandstone walls of Kings Canyon!

Australia’s outback is a haven of wondrous sights! From scenic landscapes of rugged ranges, ancient rock formations and hundreds of breathtaking wildlife spots, there is no region left plain. At the top of our list of unique sights is King Canyon, a lesser-known attraction compared to its famous Uluru cousin, but just as impressive. See why you must schedule a visit to Kings Canyon during your Outback adventure!

What is it

The Kings Canyon is a natural wonder that has been forged over 400 million years ago. Being a deep narrow valley surrounded by thick layers of sandstone with hard shale. Stretching up 270 metres, the canyon hides a stunning wonderland of lush greenery named the ‘Garden of Eden’, where plants thrive along the line of the permanent rock pools. It is a truly unique landscape to visit, unlike any other attraction amidst the Red Centre.

Where is it

Only about three hours’ drive from Uluru, the mighty Kings Canyon is within the Watarrka National Park. The park is 450 kilometres from Alice Springs, with the ultimate transport being via car along the Stuart, Lasseter Highways, or Luritja Road.

What you can see there

  • The Garden of Eden

    Australia’s Northern Territory is a plethora of ancient, rocky scenery. Dry and coarse, with harsh plant life that withstands extreme conditions. However, the Garden of Eden is a prominent part of Kings Canyon and is a lush green patch within the dry wilderness. There is a permanent waterhole within the canyon which is the main reason for its lush landscape due to the water bringing an abundant amount of life to the area. It is truly a stunning sight to see in person, with the lush greenery contrasting beautifully against the orange rock. Many of the native animals of the region come to the pools for a drink, giving visitors an exceptional viewing platform to see these unique creatures. It is a place of serenity and contemplation, as one of the Aboriginal community’s sacred sites.

  • Hike the Region

    To truly take in all of what Kings Canyon has to offer, seeing the attraction from a range of heights and angles is a must. Lace-up those walking shoes and head off, circling the canyon on the Kings Canyon Rim Walk. A 7.2-kilometre loop that circles the attraction, giving you views of the canyon and beyond. Stop in to see the many exceptional lookout points, including the Cotterilis Lookout, which highlights stunning views of Kings Canyon, the Northern Territory, and the river that weaves through both. Those up for a bigger challenge can relish the challenge of the 22-kilometre Giles Track, which leads visitors from Kings Canyon all the way to Kathleen Springs.

  • Sleep in the Outback

    Instead out heading back to town after seeing Kings Canyon, why not stay a night or two? Camping, cabins, and spa rooms are all available in the Kings Creek Station, an operational camel and cattle station. Here you can dine on a delicious dinner under the stars and enjoy a night amidst howling dingos and serene landscape.

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