Find out why this hat brand is one of the country’s most popular fashion choices!

Akubra is a recognisable brand across all of Australia, seen in the country’s desert, farmlands, and even inner cities. As Aussie icons go, the Akubra hat is up there with Vegemite, Southern Cross windmill, and even RM boots. Known for being one of Australia’s top hat brands, identifiable by the wide-brimmed style and centre indentation.

What is the Hat

Over 100 different styles, various colours and brim widths are offered to the public these days. Despite their variety, they haven’t derailed from their core hat style, with all hats from this brand made with rabbit fur felt, so famous now that the term “Akubra” is sometimes used to refer to any hat of this kind regardless of their brand. Although when referring to Akubra, many folks simply think of the hat, it can actually refer to the complete brand, which also includes a range of belt, bags, and other accessories.

The history of the Akubra hat

The Akubra brand began by an English immigrant Benjamin Dunkerley, who was known to have a skill in both hat making and inventing machinery. One of his biggest successes was creating a machine that mechanically removed the hair from rabbits, which before this was a very slow and manual task. Dunkerley soon partnered up with Stephen Keir I, one of Dunkerley’s hat workers and his son-in-law. The brand grew in success, creating hats for the army, the Melbourne Olympics, and a number of high-end buyers. The name “Akubra” came into use on the 7th of August 1912 and has been famously known as this ever since. It holds the world Guinness World record for the record number of people wearing an Akubra Hat (1912) in one place is created.

What does ‘Akubra’ mean?

The name ‘Akubra’ is believed to be derived from an Australian Aboriginal word for head covering. Although there is not much evidence to support this theory.

The Importance of the Akubra hat

An Akubra is a distinctive part of Australian culture, especially in rural areas of the country. Known as an important part of traditional outdoor clothing in Australia. They are often worn by hunters, farmers, graziers, and horsemen. They are practical for workers out on the bush, protecting wearers from sun and rain, as well as used to hold items, fan fires, and to even water dogs when in the outback. However, the style of the hat has become popular not just in the bushland, but in the city regions. With the culture significance making important leaders such as Prime Ministers of Australia and Pop cultural characters chucking on a hat.

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