Where does one start in Victoria’s favourite coastal region?

Listed as the number one tourist destination in Victoria, the Great Ocean Road is famed for its beauty. Spanning 243 kilometres along the coast, the road weaves in and out of seaside towns, natural wonders, and picture-perfect beaches, making it one of the most scenic coastal road trip routes in the entire world. But where does one begin? With so many attractions nestled along the way, we’ve made it a bit easier for you. Listing our favourite spots to visit along the Great Ocean Road!

  • For Wildlife Lovers

    Immerse yourself in a world full of green as you head into the Otway’s National Park. A rainforest nestled right along the Great Ocean Road, alive with an assortment of wildlife! Travellers can trek along the various walking trails, visit the high treetop tracks, or plunge into the cascading waterfalls. Folk can even stay the night or two, with several camping grounds and cabins hidden about. Here they can discover a whole new side to the rainforest, seeing the nocturnal animals of the region while trekking the bush after dusk!

  • For History Buffs

    The Great Ocean Road has quite a tragic past, identified as Australia’s Shipwreck Coast. The name was given to this region after 700 shipwrecked vessels met their end in the rough waters of the seafront. No shipwreck is as famous as the Loch Ard, a ship which met its demise in the sharp rocks of the region in 1878. The cargo ship was bound for Melbourne yet spilt open on the shore’s rocks and led to 52 passengers and crew on board to be lost at sea. The only two survivors were passenger Eva Carmichael and a cabin boy named Tom Pearce, who washed up to shore in the Gorge which is now been named the ‘Loch Ard Gorge’ to honour the lost souls of this shipwreck. Visitors can head to this picturesque gorge and learn about its tragic past while wandering the coastal walking tracks or sitting in the soft sands.

  • For Surfer Dudes

    There is a multitude of surf beaches along the Great Ocean Road, regarded a picturesque paradise for surfers. From eager pros to those just starting out, all flock to the region for a chance to try out the famous exhilarating surf. It has a long-standing reputation among the surf community for being exceptional, being the birthplace for a number of Australian surf brands and competitions. One of the best beaches to visit for surf is Bells Beach, the official Australian premier surf destination. It has hosted one of the world’s continuously running surfing competition since its start in 1962, named the Rip Curl Pro where professional surfers both internationally and local try their luck out on the waves. Head the beach during the off-surf comp season and ride the spectacular waves Bells beach guarantees.

  • For All Travellers

    No matter what kind of traveller you are, the Twelve Apostles is well worth the visit, listed as the number one attraction within the Great Ocean Road. It is a series of rock stacks that emerge from the rough waters of the coast, stretching up over 50 metres in an impressive display of natural beauty. They are over twenty million years old, once a part of the rocky clifftop of the region, but after years of erosion from the wind and waves, have slowly broken up to make their own unique formations. Trek to the beach to see them from below, head to the lookout for a picture-perfect insta-shot, or even take a helicopter flight for a bird’s eye view!

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Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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