The Barossa Valley is famed as one of the go-to wine spots in Australia.

A historic wine-making region, the Barossa Valley is home to a smorgasbord of award-winning restaurants, wineries, and boutique shops. But where exactly is the famous Barossa Valley?

About South Australia

The Barossa Valley is found just northeast of Adelaide, in the wonderful state of South Australia. The state is famous for its historic churches, world-class food and wine, and sprawling wildernesses. Its art scene continues to grow, blending perfectly with the gourmet foods and stylish venues dotted about. The city of Adelaide is similar to Melbourne in style, but with a country feel attached to it!

About the Barossa Valley

It only takes a short hour to drive out from the bustling city of Adelaide to reach the lush greenery that is the Barossa Valley. Spanning out over 912 square kilometres, it is truly a stunning sight to see, with the beauty just one of the highlights in the region. Multiple towns and villages lie within it, with winery spots and food sections perfect for a getaway weekend!

The History of the Barossa Valley

Back in ancient times, the Indigenous community of the area now known as the Barossa Valley unknowing turned the region into the perfect wine-making land. By setting off fires annually to help regenerate the vegetation as well as to drive animals away from the undergrowth, the Aborigines helped the soil to become rich in nutrients, as well as producing a vast open grassland. Once the Europeans invaded Australia, the local settlement of the valley instantly saw its potential, quickly cultivating the land with old grapevines from Europe.

What to see at the Barossa Valley

The Wineries

No trip to the Barossa Valley is complete without at least a couple stops at the popular wineries dotted about. The Barossa Valley is home to some of the country’s finest wine brands, such as Jacob’s Creek, Penfolds, Wolf Blass, and Seppeltsfield. Visitors can hop from one winery to the next, with the venues only 5 to 20 minutes away from each other. Start by sampling a variety of drops from each winery before you decide on your favourite and purchase a couple of bottles to go!

The Surrounding Region

It’s not just these wineries that draw visitors to this valley, with other amazing attractions on offer! Villages home to the friendly atmosphere and unique shops include Bridgewater, Aldgate, Stirling, and Crafers just to name a few, each with their own history and charm! Great wildlife spots such as Mengler’s Hill Lookout capture a breathtaking overview of the Valley, guaranteeing you the perfect holiday shot!

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