Celebrate in stylish fashion and see one of the world’s top horse racing moments while you dine on champagne and gourmet treats!

The annual Spring Racing Carnival calendar is jam-packed with events, but no greater day is that of the iconic Melbourne Cup! Bursting with colourful dresses and fascinators, plenty of betting, and stunning summer weather, the event takes place at the Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne, with over 100,000 people attending the day. The race is also televised live, with the entire country stopping what they are doing to watch the famous race. However, watching from your living room doesn’t give you the full effect of the day, with the best way to experience the Melbourne Cup day is to purchase a ticket for the full event! Here are our top reasons why you should go to the beloved Melbourne Cup!

  • The Fashion

    Undoubtedly one of the main reasons people flock to the cup is due to the outfit they get to wear, showing off their best and most colourful dresses and suits! Hats and fascinators are a must for races, from small headbands to extremely wide brim hats. This has been a continuous tradition since the race’s beginning, when the only guests of the races were the upper class. And those who attended races were the most fashionable, with women’s hats generally considered a stylish accessory. The fashion is so popular there are fashion parades held on the field.

  • The Food

    The Melbourne Cup menu is all about finger food! Offering a range of delicious goodies depending on your taste. Gourmet companies sponsor the races, serving a range of delicious gourmet treats for guests to show off their skills. Light, summer recipes are typically the go to, with caviar, quiches, and antipasto boards always a big hit among guests.

  • The Marquees

    With stylish fashion and food comes all the rich and famous along with it! The Melbourne Cup presents a range of marquees, all offering a luxury experience for those for looking to spoil themselves. The VIP guests flood these marquees, with local, national and international celebrities who attend this festive event. You don’t even need to be in the famous crowd to enjoy the luxurious, simply having to fork out some extra cash to purchase this extravagance deal! The tents offer sparkling champagne, delicious wine, and gourmet food, letting you enjoy the races in style!

  • The Races

    Last, but certainly not least, one of the main reasons to go to the Melbourne Cup is to see the iconic race in person! Melbourne Cup Day is the horse racing industry’s biggest day of the entire year, with the best of the best horses and riders participating. The race is held at 3 pm, but the entire day is filled with excitement, with a big 10-race card for guests to cheer to. The majority of everyone visiting the carnival will purchase a bet for the race, getting everyone in the spirit of the race.

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Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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