Whitehaven Beach has a reputation for being the number one tropical paradise within Australia, but what makes its white sands and sapphire blue waters different from the rest of the country’s beaches?

No doubt you’ve sat down at your office desk or place of work on a gloomy Monday morning before and found yourself fantasising about your next tropical vacation. You likely envisioned crystal-clear waters and silky soft sands along a deserted beach, but you’ve probably thought that there is no such thing as the ‘perfect’ beach, right? Well, we’re here to tell you that there is such a thing, and it’s called Whitehaven. Known for its long stretch of pure white sand and warm waves that gently lap the shore, Whitehaven reigns supreme with its endless beauty and unforgettable activities. Here is why Whitehaven Beach deserves its place on the top of the list of Australia’s best beaches!

Why it deserves first place

  • It is drop-dead gorgeous

    Whitehaven Beach is found on the largest island within the 74 islands that form the Whitsundays. The region is a natural wonderland, home to impressive rainforests, glorious swimming spots, and some of the most unique wildlife around.

  • It’s ranked high internationally

    Not only is it ranked as the number one beach in Australia, but it is also listed as one of the best beaches in the entire world. Numerous critics, travel sites, and awarding bodies all have praised the beach, noting its crystal blue and green waters, as well as its white silica sand that is among the purest on earth.

  • It’s home to a range of wildlife

    No matter where you travel within Australia, you’ll find an impressive range of wildlife, and Whitehaven Beach is no different. The ocean is home to a variety of reefs, with each coral region brimming with marine animals.

    From Whitehaven, you can take a boat to the deep reef sections, or simply swim out to the shallower areas close to shore. Discover the hundreds of colourful fish whizzing past you in the sea and maybe spot larger marine creatures such as sea turtles and dolphins. If you want to go deeper into the underwater wonderland, then trade in snorkelling for scuba diving, which lets you hang about the marine world for as long as your oxygen tank can bear!

  • It hosts a range of activities

    When people hear beach, they instantly think of a day spent sprawled out on the sand, plunging into the waters on occasion. You can do this at Whitehaven with ease, but it isn’t the only thing the beach offers. In fact, this beach is a haven of activity, offering swimming, sunbathing, snorkelling, sailing and more! If you are hanging about the sand, why not do a bushwalk in the nearby rainforest? Regardless of your choice, you’ll leave Whitehaven Beach with a satisfied grin!

So, there you have it! Make sure to pop Whitehaven Beach on your travel bucket-list and guarantee yourself a memorable tropical break!

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