The Yarra Valley is renowned for its collection of wineries. The diverse climate in the region along with the different types of soil mean it’s one of the only parts of the country that’s able to produce a wide selection of world-class wines.

It is known in particular for its Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, which represent more than 60% of the total production in the region, but there are plenty of other wines of the Yarra Valley to try out.

The Different Wines of the Yarra Valley


This variety of wine is known as the valley’s premium grape variety. Over the past few years, there has been a resurge in interest in it, and new varieties that are lighter and less oaky have started to emerge. Today, the Chardonnays of the Yarra Valley have increased citrus notes and are slightly more floral than their past counterparts.

Sauvignon Blanc

The sauvignon blancs of the Yarra Valley are rounded in flavour and include notes of fresh tropical fruit, like guava and cape gooseberry. Some of the producers in the region utilise aged oak barrels to provide a more savoury flavour, which makes the wine ideal for drinking alongside food.

Pino Gris/Pino Grigio

The Pino Grigios of the Yarra Valley are lighter, drier, and slightly crispier than the Pino Gris, but both are made in the simplest way in region. Because of this, they’re often the most affordable varieties, despite promising an elegant, fresh flavour.

Pinot Noir
Going from whites to reds, Pinot Noir is perhaps the most popular red wine in the valley. The varieties from the region are often perfumed and aromatic, whilst also boasting fruity, savoury, and earthy undertones.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon varieties are more often than not produced in the warmer parts of the Yarra Valley. The best versions of this red wine have an aromatic flavour which is created by aging them for 10-20 years.

Like the Cabernet Sauvignon varieties, Shiraz wine is produced in the lower parts of the valley where the climate is considerably warmer. There are two styles of Shiraz in the valley – the classic variety and “Syrah”, which is more medium-bodied and a little on the smoky side. The classic Shiraz’s from this part of Australia are elegant and flavourful.

The Yarra Valley is the ideal place to taste a wide selection of wines and discover the unique winemaking process that goes into producing some of the most flavourful varieties of tipple in the country.

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