Phillip Island is a fantastic location to view seal colonies.

When people think of Phillip Island, they often think about the adorable penguins that live there. In addition to the tiny penguins, there are a lot of seals and other animals living there as well.

The seal colony on Phillip Island is one of the largest in all of Australia. You can visit the seals and watch as they lounge on the rocks or play in the shallow ocean waters.

About the Phillip Island seals

The seals found on Phillip Island are called the Australian Fur Seals. These seals have a double layer of brown fur, which can appear to have a greyish tone when wet. The male fur seal weighs much more than the female fur seal, and both can measure up to 2.3 metres.

They mostly eat food that they catch from the sea, which can vary based on the season. They use their sharp teeth to be able to catch their prey including fish, squid, and octopus. The fur seals are predators but also prey, as they are a target for sharks and killer whales.

During the 1800s, the Australian fur seal became endangered due to being hunted for its coat. This resulted in the population dropping to around 20,000. Thankfully, the Australian government acted quickly. The fur seals ended up becoming protected under Australian law. Today, over 30,000 Australian fur seals are living on Phillip Island alone!

Where to see seals on Phillip Island

There are a few popular spots on Phillip Island, where lots of people stop to see the seals when visiting. One of the most famous sites on Phillip Island is Seal Rocks. The rocks are named for the seals because there are over 30,000 fur seals that call this area their home. A visit to the rocks is the perfect opportunity for a memorable encounter with Australian wildlife.

Seal Rocks is located near the Nobbies Centre. Because of its convenient location, you can easily continue with your sightseeing after viewing the adorable creatures.

Best time of year to view the seals on Phillip Island

Between the months of October to December, you will be able to see heaps of these seals. These months are breeding season for the Fur Seals, which means you’ll also see lots of baby seals.

Since these are the summer months in Australia, you will often see the seals lying on the rocks and basking in the sun. When they get too warm, you will see them cooling off and playing in the water.

Be sure to visit these majestic animals when you are visiting Phillip Island. You can easily get to the island from Melbourne via car or ferry. Alternatively, join one of our Phillip Island tours to stop at Seal Rocks along with many other popular sites to see Australia’s cutest wildlife!

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