Eyre Peninsula

Home to untouched beaches, dramatic coastal cliffs, adorable wildlife and delicious local produce, the Eyre Peninsula is a wonderland for adventurous travellers. The wedge of land between the Great Australian Bight and the Gawler Ranges is an all too often overlooked travel destination. But for those travellers who know of the area’s natural treasures, it’s well worth the journey. Take the time to explore the region and you will be rewarded with unforgettable wildlife experiences, the freshest seafood and spectacular scenery.

Best Day Trips and Tours to Eyre Peninsula

Seafood lovers rejoice because the Eyre Peninsula is your paradise. Here you can sample and savour everything from fresh southern bluefin tuna to the regional delicacy abalone. The pristine ocean waters and sheltered bays make the Eyre Peninsula a top spot for fishing, while the restaurants serve up fresh local catch to eager travellers. They don’t call it the Seafood Trail for nothing!

Even for travellers who prefer to leave the fish in the water rather than on the plate, there are stacks of marine-based activities that show off this incredibly special region. From the scary (cage shark diving) to the weird (swimming with giant cuttlefish), there are plenty of ways to appreciate the rich diversity of marine life in these waters.

Our Eyre Peninsula Tours

Our Eyre Peninsula tours offer the chance to explore this astonishing region with a knowledgeable local guide, so you don’t miss a thing! Join our Eyre Peninsula and Flinders Ranges tour to depart from Adelaide and spend six days hiking, swimming, camping and falling in love with the area. You’ll visit top locations including Baird Bay and Port Lincoln, try your hand at surfing with a two-hour lesson, swag camp in the wilderness at Mikkara Station admire the stunning beaches of Venus Bay. For the more adventurous travellers, you can add the option to swim with the playful sealions of Baird Bay or experience the thrill of cage shark diving near the Neptune Islands! It’s an unforgettable adventure through one of Australia’s most underrated regions.

Sitting on the eastern edge of the Nullarbor Plain, the Eyre Peninsula is a perfect stopover for any travellers heading to Western Australia or making their way from WA to the eastern coast. Our tours between Perth and Adelaide include a couple of nights on the Eyre Peninsula and are a perfect opportunity to explore this stunning spot before or after crossing the Nullarbor. Or go the whole way and discover the Eyre Peninsula on our tours between Perth and Melbourne or Sydney.