The unique wildlife in Australia is one of the key draws for visitors. Here, native species wander through Eucalyptus forests and across sprawling escarpments. The best part, though? Many of them can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Here are some of the best-loved creatures in Australia.


The cuddly koala is a key animal in Australia. Found mostly in the south-eastern and eastern parts of the country, they spend most of their days asleep in the crooks of trees. They chew eucalyptus leaves throughout the day and find shelter in eucalyptus forests. When travelling around Australia, keep your eyes peeled for these little critters as they rest in surrounding trees.


Perhaps the most well-known Australia animal is the kangaroo. They are the largest living marsupial – animals that carry their young in pockets attached to the front of their bodies. There are four species found in Australia: the red kangaroo, the eastern grey kangaroo, the western grey kangaroo, and the antilopine kangaroo. You’ll find them all over Australia as well as in Tasmania and some of the smaller surrounding islands. They mostly gravitate towards forests, woodlands, grassy plains, and savannas.

Tasmanian Devil

Not just a cartoon character, the Tasmanian Devil is an unusual little mammal found only on the island of Tasmania. They are loosely related to koalas and kangaroos, as they are also marsupials, and you’re most likely to find them in eucalyptus forests, woodlands, scrubland on the coast, and lush agricultural areas. By day, these creatures shelter from the sun under stones and in caves to keep cool.


These historic creatures look like they’re made up of a mishmash of animals, with the bill and webbed feet of a duck, the tail of a beaver, and the body and fur of an otter. They tend to hunt underwater, picking food up off the bottom of rivers and lakes, and they get around either by swimming elegantly through water with their webbed feet, or by using the large surface area of their feet to run on dry land.


Echidnas are strange looking animals, but they’re also thought to be the oldest surviving mammal on the entire planet. In Australia, there are five sub-species of short-beaked echidnas which can be found all over the country, including rainforests and arid zones.


These cute Australian creatures use their huge claws to dig shelters and burrows into open grasslands and eucalyptus forests – their environments of choice – and they tend to live solitary lifestyles. As nocturnal animals, they venture out at night to feed on roots, grasses, and barks.

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