See some of Australia’s best artworks with a spectacular sea backdrop!

From the 24th of October to the 10th of November, Sydney’s Bondi will host their annual sculpture exhibition, listed as one of the largest free to the public sculpture exhibitions in the world! Featuring over a hundred sculptures, it transforms the stunning two-kilometre coastal walk from Bondi Beach and Tamarama into an outdoor gallery.

About the celebration

The celebration strives in bringing art and scenery together, enhancing the natural beauty of the area by creating complimenting, thought-provoking, man-made artworks. The festival began in 1997 and has grown in both size and reputation since then. It is now one of the best places to see the work of world-famous artists outside of the gallery. The Sydney Sculpture Conference will also be held on October 29th, which brings together a large number of international and domestic artists, curators, collectors, academics, and arts enthusiasts. The conference aims to develop partnerships, create ideas, and raise awareness of Australia’s greatest sculptures.

Noteworthy artworks to see:

  • Mu Boyan, Horizon

    This contemporary Chinese sculptor is responsible for the creation of the sculpture used in this year’s marketing ads – the obese man sitting peacefully beside the coastline. The artwork ignites thoughts about the opinion of obesity in the modern world. Where it was once seen as a sign of wealth in China, views have now shifted towards the western perception, seeing it as grotesque. The smooth, round sculpture contrasts beautifully with the jagged rocks and rough sea backdrop.

  • Matthew Harding, Antithesis

    Matthew Harding is famous for his geometric structures, all made out of hard metal or smooth wood. Antithesis is no different, looking smooth and sleek from afar but appearing hard and unmoving once you get closer.

  • Wendy Teakel, Land

    This artwork contrast beautifully with Bondi’s region, showcasing a large white cross within the rocky surface. The elements of land and the sculpture symbolize spatial differences, marking this spot like you would on a map.

  • Sculpture Inside

    Once you have seen all the artworks outside, it’s time to step indoors at the marquee in Mark’s Park, Tamarama, seeing the festival’s interior exhibition. Featuring a small collection of contemporary sculptures, mainly from emerging Australian and international artists, these artworks may not be as famous as their outdoor neighbours, but they are just as beautiful and significant. A bonus is that these artworks may be in your price range, so take advantage of the opportunity and purchase a piece of art before the artists get too famous for your wallet!

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