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Although your holiday memories are typically filled with your day to day sightseeing, your chosen accommodation can make or break your trip. One dodgy room can turn you’re your fantastic day into a disaster-resulting in one of the most important choices a traveller can make when planning their trip is deciding where to stay. These days, it is not as simple as choosing the right hotel for you, with a million different choices now available at the touch of a button. However, simply follow our step by step requirement list to help you decide what category is right for you!

  • Price

    Price can completely affect the type of accommodation experience you have. The simple way to phrase it is the cheapest, the less luxury. If you are budget-conscious, you may have to sacrifice certain comforts for a cheaper stay. Hostels are a perfect option for those who choose price over anything, with large share dorm rooms mere pennies per night. There are also some cheaper Airbnb’s or Hotels you can choose from, but there is no doubt that a hostel will always be the cheapest.

  • Privacy

    If privacy isn’t an issue for you, hostels can stay as your number one choice. However, if you prefer your own room and bathroom, Hotels and Airbnbs can be your preferred option. Before you book any hotel, make sure to double-check the privacy of it, As if a hotel is on the stingier side, the privacy can be skewed, with thin walls and common areas making more guests at closer quarters. Airbnbs can also just consist of one room in a used house, and although it can be a cheaper option, can typically involve guests spending some time with the house owners. However, if you choose a high-quality hotel with plenty of privacy or an Airbnb that is either its own house or separate studio, you may enjoy your holiday without ever having to speak to another person, whereas a hostel will never give you complete privacy.

  • Extras

    Do you enjoy being pampered? Perhaps live for the luxuries of life? If so, this can be a huge dealbreaker for certain accommodation options for you. If you are quite independent and enjoy doing things yourself without any help, both a hostel and Airbnb can be a good fit. With both letting you do your own thing, only assisting if you ask. Hotels, however, can give you a range of help and extras, with breakfast in the morning, maid service, and even spa facilities all available.

  • Location

    There is no way the best accommodation to choose, as it depends on what is best for you. However, one of the main deciding factors that most people agree on is location. Hostels, Hotels, and Airbnbs are found scattered throughout each destination, with some nestled in the central region or way out in the outer areas. We suggest no matter what accommodation you choose to book, that the location works for your holiday plans!

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
Managing Director at Sightseeing Tours Australia

Cameron Ward began with a passion for travel and turned it into a thriving tourism business. He co-founded Sightseeing Tours Australia after starting out as a tour guide in Melbourne. Cameron delights in helping visitors get the most from their trip to Australia. Whether he's leading tours or writing about his favourite places, Cameron loves sharing his local insight with fellow travellers.

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