Celebrates Australia’s public holiday following the chaos of Christmas with these few rituals!

The day after Christmas is Boxing Day, which is celebrated throughout the country. The roots of this holiday can be traced to British tradition, but Australians have grabbed hold and run with it, creating their own traditions and celebrations on this day in the hot summer heat.

  • Boxing Day Test

    One of the most well-known traditions of Australia’s Boxing Day is the Boxing Day Test, where a whopping 100,000 cricket fans head to Melbourne Cricket Ground, more commonly known as the MCG, to see the annual game.

    Featuring the Australian national team take on an opposing team in the blistering summer heat, even if you’re aren’t an avid cricket fan, the atmosphere is well worth the ticket. Cheer and drink alongside the local fans while enjoying the perfect summer weather and entertainment in-between outs.

    You don’t even need to go to the stadium to enjoy the test, with many bars and backyards switching on the telly to see the match live. This way you can enjoy the sport without burning up to a crisp in the sun, all the while eating and drinking as much as you like.

  • Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race

    Another important sporting event that begins on Boxing Day is the annual yacht race, also known as the Bluewater Classic. The race starts from Sydney and travels 630 nautical miles, finishing in the heart of Tasmania, Hobart. Traditionally, it took around about six days for theses yachts to reach the finishing line at Hobart, but nowadays they typically only take two days. Television channels broadcast the entire race, but the main entertainment and sporting events occur on the start date of Boxing Day.

  • Shopping Frenzy

    For thousands of stalls and shopping complexes, post-Christmas sales begin on Boxing Day, offering severely reduce priced items of their excess stock that wasn’t sold during the Christmas time. Many people take advantage of the sales to buy products or services at significantly lower prices and shopping centres are packed with bargain hunters.

  • BBQ Galore

    Despite all the big events and shopping options on offer during this holiday, many families opt to stay at home for their Boxing day, setting up the backyard or deck with eskys, plates of food, and of course the important BBQ. Inviting over a dozen family and friends to celebrate their second public holiday and the great summer weather, many backyards hold amateur cricket tournaments as well, or even the occasional footy match, as folk let off some steam and play with friends.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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