From public transport to driving yourself, here are all the ways you can get around Sydney if you’re visiting.

There is a range of ways to get around Sydney City and surrounding areas.

Public transport is a popular and cheap way to get around Sydney. You will need either an Opal Card – which you can buy and top up at specific retailers including convenience stores – or better yet, simply use a contactless card to pay your public transport fare. This can be either a physical card or a digital card from your phone’s wallet.

Metro and trains

The metro runs frequently in the North West. Trains are also a popular option to get around Sydney and even regional areas, and they’re frequent too.


Buses run day and night in Sydney and the surrounding areas, with additional regional coaches.

Light rail

The light rail operates throughout the city. The rail travels through popular shopping and entertainment areas and is a good way to explore Sydney for the first time.


To get around Sydney Harbour and to and from Manly and Parramatta, there are plenty of ferries. A ferry is also a good option to get views of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.

On demand

On Demand is a service you can book which can connect you to a public transport stop. This service can collect you in a popular area or your home. Find out more here!

Walking and cycling

Walking or cycling is easy within the city. You’ll see a lot along the way, and you may discover things you otherwise wouldn’t see. You also get a bit of exercise while you explore the city – it’s a win-win!

Walking in Sydney

Guided tours

Guided tours will take you to popular Sydney destinations from a pickup point in the city. A guided tour can be convenient as you don’t need to plan your day and you’re taken around to multiple places.

Taxis and rideshares

Booking a taxi or ride share is an option to get from point A to point B. Keep in mind this option can be a bit pricy but rather convenient.

Drive or car hire

Driving yourself makes getting around a lot easier and more convenient. Though keep in mind that you could get stuck in traffic, especially during peak hours.

Hiring a car gives you the option to drive yourself anywhere you want, but be mindful of parking costs once you’ve reached your destination.

Sydney has a range of transport options for everyone from public transport to guided tours or driving yourself. Remember to touch on and touch off for public transport and to book early for any guided tours!

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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