Come dangerously close to one of the deadliest creatures roaming our oceans!

Regarded as the scariest creature in our oceans, the Great White Shark is fiercely infamous! As the most powerful predators around, many fear a shark spotting during their ventures in the sea. But those of us who are a bit braver may seek to see these incredible creatures up close and personal! If this is you, look no further, as our South Australian tours offer some great optional extras where you can see these sharks in an exhilarating and safe way! Available in both our 10 Day Perth to Adelaide Tour and our 6 Day Eyre Peninsula Tour, guests can choose to join in on the once in a lifetime experience during their travels. Here, we dive into the details about our Shark Upgrade options for those looking for a heart-pumping underwater adventure!

Adventure Bay Charters


  • Full-Day Shark Tour with Aqua Sub Access: $404 per person
  • Cage Diving: $175 per person (in addition)
  • Department of Environment Fee: $39 per person (in addition)

Guaranteed to give you a white-knuckle experience, head to Port Lincoln to come face-to-face with the mighty Great White Shark. Regarded as Australia’s first Advanced Eco-certified White Shark Tour, the experience is sustainable and responsible, safe for both yourself and the sharks swimming nearby.

Sharks are big Rock music fans, particularly ACDC, attracted to the continuous low beats. Rock out with these sharks as the boat begins playing ACDC greatest hits full volume above and below the water, regularly attracting at least a couple of these magnificent creatures. As your blood starts pumping from the beats, visitors will be strapped into their scuba diving gear and slowly lowered into the submerged shark cage. The thick metal bars are designed to withstand massive resistance, giving you a perfectly safe window into the shark environment. It is truly an incredible experience, allowing you a perfect snapshot into the natural habitat of these powerful beasts while you swim alongside them. One of the greatest perks of this option is that if you get bad luck on the day and don’t see a shark during your experience, you will get your $150 cage entry fee back.

If you prefer staying dry, the tour also offers an alternative experience! Presenting a revolutionary glass viewing aqua sub where you get 360-degree views to see both the caged divers and swimming sharks completely dry! Still undecided which one is for you? You can wait until the very last minute and decide which option you are craving on the day.

Calypso Star Charters Cage Diving


  • Shark Tour including cage diving and Department of Environment Fee: $534 per person

Enjoy the ultimate thrill of plunging into the waters with the sharks. Calypso Star Charters has been doing this for decades, experienced in supplying a safe and thrilling shark cage diving adventure! Beginning in the early morning, the tour heads out to the outer ocean known to be a popular shark hangout spot. This eco-certified tour uses natural fish berley to attract the sharks, being the only one-day shark cage diving experience that is permitted to use fish berley as bait. This gives guests a much more likely chance to see the sharks, with the bait thrown close to the vessel and cage for stunning up-close views and incredible photographic opportunities! If no sharks are seen on the day, a $100 refund and a $200 voucher for a future experience are offered to all travellers.

Explore the Shark Cage Diving via Our Adelaide Tours or Perth Tours

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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