Walk on the other side of Sydney’s path and discover a whole new range of attractions!

Sydney is famous for an array of attractions, the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and even Bondi Beach. These majestic and more obvious attractions are at the top of most traveller’s bucket lists when visiting Sydney. But those who have already experienced these great landmarks may be wanting a couple of more unusual things to see or do. Here are nine of them.

  • Wendy’s Secret Garden

    When Wendy Whiteley’s husband died in 1992, she threw herself into restoring the patch of land under their house. Realising she needed an outlet for her grief, she began clearing garbage and weeds from this old abandoned railway yard. Leading to their 25 years of transforming this small area into one of the best hidden gardens in Sydney. It is now a quiet, peaceful secret garden where only a few know of, home to tiny fairies, old sinks and little hidden treasures scattered about the greenery. Only a few minutes’ walk away from North Sydney station, you can enjoy an afternoon in this picturesque patch is a great getaway from the city’s constant buzz.

  • Museum of Human Disease

    The Museum of Human Disease may seem like an unusual attraction to spot into during your Sydney adventure, but it is in fact a very fascinating one! Home to over 2,500 specimens which display a variety of diseased human tissue preserved in formalin. These include organs, human tissue and even entire bodies. Displaying parasites such as tapeworms and roundworms, blackened lungs of smokers, and even unusual benign teratoma of an ovary which has teeth growing from it. This museum is not for the faint of heart, with each display displaying an even more gruesome disease than the next. But despite the slight squeamishness of this museum, it is a fascinating and unforgettable attraction to visit.

  • ‘Forgotten Songs’ Sound Sculptures

    Stroll down Angel Place, a pedestrian lane that runs between George and Pitt Streets in Sydney, and simply look up for a wondrous view. Suspended above the street is are scores of cages, a collaboration of art and ornithology. Created to remember the calls of 50 birds that once thrived in Sydney that have sadly perished or been pushed to the outer city fringes.

  • The Coastal Walks

    Wake up at the crack of dawn for a truly stunning start to the morning as you head along the coastal walking tracks that Sydney is beloved for. Many locals do this daily, starting their day with their walking shoes and the fresh sea air. Be one of the locals running or walking along, even grabbing a coffee along the way to wake up with the sun!

  • The Floating Forest

    A short train ride from Sydney’s CBD is a series of shipwrecks rusting away in the water. One of them is truly unique, as over the year’s trees and bushes from the nearby mangrove swamps have taken root in the hull of the ship. Forming a thick mini forest which floats above the water. Creating a truly unique sight, especially during the sunset or sunrise!

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Cameron Ward
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