The city of Sydney comes alive with music, art, and more with the annual Fringe Festival!

During September, Sydneysiders will come together and rejoice in all things weird and wacky at the Fringe Festival, with the catchphrase ‘go weird or go home’ an ongoing mantra. The festival features a wide range of independent artists, showcasing their unique talents across a variety of stages and galleries throughout the city. The entire festival is made up of over 340 shows featuring music, theatre, comedy shows, visual art, poetry, dance, and circus performances, so there is certainly something for everyone here!

The Importance of this year’s Fringe Festival

The festival began in September 2010, making this year its tenth anniversary. Over the last decade, the Fringe Festival has enjoyed enormous success, growing to become the largest alternative visual and performing arts event in New South Wales. To celebrate its tenth anniversary, the festival is set to have a jam-packed program, expanding the festival’s footprint from the Inner West region to all over the CBD.

Unsure what to see first? Never fear, as we have the perfect list of unmissable events to add to your diary featuring a mixture of art, theatre, and partying that the fringe festival is famous for!

Our Top Picks for Sydney’s Fringe Festival

  • Fringe Ignite: Festival Opening Party

    The opening festivities always start with a bang, shutting down an entire block for the Fringe Ignite Party. Multiple venues are involved in the celebration, with musical line-ups featuring DJs, alternative bands, and pop performances. The Sydney Fringe Festival website has a map and schedule of each worthwhile affair, allowing visitors to not miss out on a thing during the night. Simply pick what you’d like to see and start planning your night!

  • Silent Theatre

    If you are after a truly inspirational and unique theatre experience, the Silent Theatre should be your first pick. It consists of four separate groups of playwrights, each put into a hotel room and told to write a play which matches the scenery. Audiences will watch the scenes unfold from neighbouring hotel rooms, the streets below, or even on the opposite building’s balconies. Each audience member can grab a pair of Bluetooth headphones and listen to the scenes unfolding. Where will you look, who will you listen to, and what will you uncover?

  • Shaun McGrath Wig Exhibition

    For the fashionistas out there, look out for the pop-up wig exhibition at Broadway Shopping Centre. Showcasing the extraordinary work of hairstylist and wig designer, Shaun McGrath, the show features some of his most renowned wigs, exposing the artistic side of hairdressing through these unique artworks. The artwork is also sustainable, with a number of the works made from recycled elements and second-hand objects.

  • Matriarch – Sandy Wood

    For a powerful mix of music, history, dance, and the spoken word, Sandy Greenwood showcases a brilliant one-woman show about her family’s history. Beginning from the 1940s, Greenwood tells the tale of four generations of Gumbaynggirr women, the local Aboriginal tribe of her ancestors. The performance displays the trauma these people faced and the culture, creativity, and traditions that shaped the women they became.

Are you tempted yet? Then grab a ticket and plan your festivities! Mark your top picks in the calendar and enjoy the mix of artistic shows and performances while appreciating the unique culture of Sydney.

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