Celebrate the spookiest holiday in Australia with our list of the greatest attractions on offer!

Halloween might enjoy its most elaborate celebrations in America, but this spooktacular holiday is also an Australian favourite! It has become a growing trend over the years, with trick or treating, Halloween parties, and public events mounting during October. To help you enjoy the scary fun, we have made the ultimate guide to the best Halloween events and activities on offer in Australia.

Dress as a Zombie in Sydney

Celebrate this holiday by getting in the spirit while raising money for a worthy cause! Having started in 2009, the Sydney Zombie walk involves dressed-up locals hobbling and dragging their rotting limbs across Sydney’s CBD streets. Thousands of people get involved to raise awareness for a charity, either individually or as a group, all having fun while they do it! If this sounds like the perfect way to get involved in the scary fun, then join the massive zombie group on Saturday 27th October at St Mary’s Cathedral Square. Otherwise, you can simply observe, watching as the herds of zombies slowly make their way down the streets.

Spooktober in Melbourne

Instead of enjoying a mere day of Halloween, why not revel in five? Melbourne‘s thrilling Spooktober Halloween Festival is taking place in the city’s coastal suburb of St Kilda and offers a five-day festival event featuring haunted house experiences, games, interactive amusements, rides, and food trucks.

Halloween Street Party in Brisbane

Enjoy the extravagant spooky celebration without having to spend a penny! The Brisbane streets are decked out in festive decorations, filled with activities, and are buzzing with an electric atmosphere. The entire esplanade, Little Bayside Park and Cambridge Parade are overrun by celebrations, offering two nights of scary fun. The festivities kick off on Friday with a one-mile race along the riverside, followed by the Athlete’s Foot Halloween four-kilometre relay. Heaps of people dress up during these races, with the whole family joining in on the fun! After the run, everyone settles down in the beautiful Little Bayside Park for a free movie under the stars.

BOO at the Perth Zoo

Dress to impress the animals at Perth’s zoo as you pull on your favourite costume and enjoy an eerie night walk amidst the roars and hoots. Bring along your own treat bag and follow the trick-or-treat steps, seeing treat stations, scary pranks, and roving entertainment. Once you’ve filled your bag up with sweets, head to the disco section and listen to spooky storytelling or hop on adrenaline-fuelled rides!

Whack on a costume and get your heart pumping at one of these fantastic Australian Halloween events!

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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