The rich sprawl of the Barkly region epitomises the Australian outback.

Tennant Creek

Bathed in the golden glow of the harsh sun and presenting landscapes that are deep reds and oranges in colour, it boasts a fascinating history set against a stunning backdrop.

Here, you can marvel at the impossibly blue skies of Australia, watch kangaroos hop across highways, and explore ancient rock art that has decorated the region for centuries. Along the way, stop off at the breath-taking Devils Marbles, a collection of natural monuments that have been carved into the landscape over time.

Tennant Creek is the largest town in the area, set almost directly in between Katherine and Alice Springs. Almost half the population of the town are of Aboriginal descent, giving it an interesting heritage packed full of spiritual narratives and traditional culture. You can break up a long road trip here and duck into one of the remote pubs to refuel along the way.

Some of these wondrous adventures await you along the journey…

The Devils Marbles

Karlu Karlu, or The Devils Marbles, is one of Australia’s most magnificent anomalies: a giant stretch of massive granite boulders that balance and topple over one another like, you guessed it, a game of marbles!

What is even more fascinating is the way they almost seem to have appeared from nowhere, or as if they had just plopped out of the expansive Barkly Tableland sky above. These boulders truly appear to be defying gravity and how they manage to stay atop one another is a testament to nature’s magic.

Formed over millions of years of erosion, the boulders are a sacred site of the traditional owners, the Warumungu people. Each time you visit the boulders have taken on some new form, some splinter in their eons-old armour, making them a spectacular sight to see each time you traverse the mystical Barkly Tableland.

Barkly Tableland

The Barkly Tableland is a seemingly endless expanse of gorgeous plains and pristine wetlands that give visitors the impression that they are the only ones for miles. Bask in the glow of the divine northern light as you take in all the beauty and wonder this miraculous region has to offer.

Whether you’re looking out over massive stretches of untouched land or taking in the glorious sunset hues above tranquil wetlands, the feeling of freedom the Barkly Tableland provides is unparalleled.

Tennant Creek

Tennant Creek is teeming with rich Indigenous culture, a place where The Dreaming is tangible throughout the town and its stories. Here, you can listen to Warumungu people regale stories of the Nyinkka, a goanna that helped form the town of Tennant Creek, before heading over to the Winanjjikari Music Centre to learn about local Indigenous music production.

It’s where culture & nature combine in the most perfect setting

The Barkly region is a special Australian place for its cultural heritage and endless natural expanse. A visit to the region always promises to be a wonderful experience, so pack your hiking gear and get ready to enjoy this incredible part of Australia!

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