The Great Barrier Reef is one of Australia’s best-loved attractions, drawing in thousands of visitors each year who want to explore the fascinating depths of the ocean and everything it has to offer.

Sprawling out across 2300km of coastline along the length of Queensland, the reef is a haven of ecology just waiting to be discovered. There are numerous adventurous pursuits on hand, whether you want to take a cruise to enjoy the smattering of islands and reefs whilst keeping dry, or want to immerse yourself in the underwater world.

The reef is ideal for all different kinds of visitors. You don’t have to be a pro diver to dig deep into its depths, and there are plenty of places you can take your very first dive if you’re a complete novice.

Once beneath the water’s surface, you’ll have the once-in-a-lifetime chance to swim with a mesmerising array of sea creatures, including ancient turtles, vibrant fish, and whales, dolphins, sharks, and dugongs. It really is a magnificent experience that should be done by everyone in the region – so don’t panic if you’re new to diving.

In actual fact, the excellent selection of reefs that vary in depth and size means the Great Barrier Reef is an ideal place to learn to dive or to go for easy dives if you’re a beginner. The opportunity brings a hearty dose of adventure to your trip and gives you the chance to learn more about the unique biodiversity of the region and get up close and personal with some of its residents.

Beginner Dives in the Great Barrier Reef

The thought of dipping your toes into the great expanse of ocean that the Great Barrier Reef encapsulates can be a scary thought, let alone immersing yourself completely and relying on an oxygen pack to keep things going.

But you shouldn’t let your fears hold you back from enjoying one of the most incredible experiences in the world.

Breathing underwater is unnatural, so it makes sense that it’s a terrifying concept, but all beginner dives will thoroughly show you the ropes before you begin. You’ll be alongside really experienced divers throughout every step of the trip, and you’ll be shown safety instructions as well as what gear you’ll be wearing and what it does.

On most beginner dives, you’ll have the chance to dip below the surface more than once as you become more and more confident in your equipment and your ability.
With each dive, you’ll get to see more and more, too. As you relax and soak up the beauty of the underwater world, you’ll start to spot different species as they flit around you in the dappled water.

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