The Great Barrier Reef is one of Australia’s most loved attractions, with thousands of visitors yearly exploring the coral reef system.

Sprawling out across 2300km of coastline along the length of Queensland, the Great Barrier Reef is just waiting to be explored. Whether you want to take a cruise or helicopter to enjoy the islands and reefs whilst keeping dry. Or you can immerse yourself in the underwater world when diving and snorkelling. Either way, the reef is ideal for all travellers!

Going diving is a popular activity for newcomers who are visiting the reef for the first time. Because when you’re underwater diving, you’ll have the once in a lifetime chance to swim with a mesmerising array of marine life. Here you could spot the beautiful green sea turtles, tropical fish, reef sharks, dolphins, and so much more.

If you’re close to the Great Barrier Reef, it’s truly a magnificent experience that should be done by everyone.

I have never dived before; can I learn at the Great Barrier Reef?

If you’re brand new at diving, you’ll be happy to know you can learn to dive while visiting the Great Barrier Reef. In actual fact, the excellent selection of reefs that vary in depth and size means the Great Barrier Reef is an ideal place to learn to dive. You don’t have to be a pro diver to dig deep into its depths, and there are plenty of places to go for your very first dive.

The opportunity brings a hearty dose of adventure to your Queensland trip. You will have the chance to learn more about the Great Barrier Reef and get up close and personal with some of the marine species.

You can book a tour and inform them that you’re a beginner diver. You will be put in a small group with a guide who will teach you how to dive.

What is diving like?

The thought of dipping your toes into the ocean of the Great Barrier Reef can be a scary thought. Let alone jumping into the water to go diving and relying on an oxygen pack to keep things going.

But you shouldn’t let your fears hold you back from enjoying one of the most incredible experiences in the world. This is something that is worth trying out if you’re comfortable and suitable to go diving.

Breathing underwater is unnatural, so it makes sense that it’s a terrifying concept! But when you go on a beginner dive, you will be told everything you need to know before you go diving. All divers will be given safety instructions, equipment and gear and what it can do during an emergency.

When you finally go diving, you’ll be alongside really experienced divers who keep an eye on you when they can. On most beginner dives, you’ll have the chance to dip below the surface more than once. Soon, you will become more confident in your equipment and your ability in the water.

With each dive, you’ll get to see more and more, too. As you relax and soak up the beauty of the underwater world, you’ll start to spot different species as they flit around you in the dappled water.

Best diving reefs

There are almost 3000 individual reefs that make up the Great Barrier Reef. Out of those 3000 reefs, there are quite a few that make it an ideal spot to go diving. These reefs are typically outer reefs and are often deep, making them the ideal diving reefs.

• Norman Reef
Norman Reef is a popular outer reef, making it the perfect spot to go diving. The reef has caves, swim throughs, and a small wreck to explore. Tropical fish, reef sharks, and humphead Maori are found swimming around this reef.

• Breaking Patches
Diving at Breaking Patches will allow you to get close to the colourful coral and all the different marine life. While diving here you could swim with the reef sharks, lagoon rays, and all kinds of different reef fish.

• Hastings Reef
Hastings Reef is shaped like a horseshoe and is a shallow reef, but there is still a chance to go diving here. If you can go diving here, you may come across to swim with sea turtles, reef sharks, and reef squids.

Ready to go for your first dive? Book in this Great Barrier Reef deluxe tour where you get a free beginner dive and much more all included!

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