Trek across the wilderness and see some of Australia’s greatest natural wonders!

It is known as a haven for bushwalkers and nature lovers, a wonderland of sprawling mountaintops, lush greenery, and cultural significance. But where does one begin? Stretching out over 400,000 acres, there is a lot to see within the Grampians, with a little something for every kind of traveller. Follow our beginner’s guide and find out which spots you need to circle on your map!

  • Be Taught about the region’s Ancient Culture

    Learn more about the traditional owners of the land, the Aboriginal people of the Grampians at the Brambuk Aboriginal Cultural Centre. The entire centre is completely owned by the Aboriginal community, who all are passionate to share their history and culture. Wander around the cultural centre and see the ancient artefacts and learn the fascinating stories displayed about. The cultural tour doesn’t end here, with daily bushwalks leading you to the Rock Art still found within the bush nearby!

  • Halls Gap

    Nestled right in the middle of the national park is Halls Gap, a charming village home to a number of exceptional attractions and activities. Many travellers visiting the Grampians will base themselves at Halls Gap, enjoying a delightful trip both in and out of the village. The area is renowned for its spectacular hiking, letting you immerse yourself in the local bushland for a morning or afternoon! Otherwise, you can see the unique wildlife of the region, either right inside the bush, or at the Halls Gap Zoo, where you are guaranteed kangaroos, emus, wallabies and bird sightings!

  • Take in the views at Boroka Lookout

    See some unforgettable panoramic views of Halls Gap and the surrounding Grampians bushland! Due to it only being a short 15 kilometres from the village, it is perfect for those after a quick but exceptional adventure. The stroll up to the lookout is short and easy, suitable for any kind of walker!

  • Marvel at the many Waterfalls

    Water trickles throughout the Grampians, forming thick rivers and tiny creeks, looping around the trees and mountaintops. So, of course, there are a number of waterfalls found all over the region, with the river and creeks cascading down the many clifftops into the large watering pools below. Mackenzie Falls is the most well-known around, with travellers hiking up the bushland to see the impressive thunder of water. Otherwise, the Silverband Falls is a close second, featuring a wide rock wall that only has a silver of rushing water flowing down, matching perfectly with it’s given name.

  • Cooldown at Lake Bellfield

    It first started as a water storage space for the local residences but has turned into the Grampians favourite swimming spot! The entire lake is surrounded by a stunning mountain range, as well as a grassy picnic area and even a couple walking tracks nearby. Many travels to the lake for a day in the sun, cooling off in the deep freshwater lake. Travellers even bring along kayaks and floating devices to sightsee the region from the middle of the lake. Fishing is also permitted here, with many catching a Redfin, blackfish and brown trout for their dinner!

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