Things to Do in Grampians

Jutting upwards in a stunning display of velvet peaks and cliffs, the Grampians are an iconic part of Victoria’s western plains. Here, the thick bush and rugged cliffs form an ideal backdrop for hikers, rock climbers, and anyone looking to get up close and personal with nature. Promising an abundance of rich wildlife and outstanding views, the Grampians are the go-to place for unique rock formations and to catch a glimpse of Australia’s mesmerising landscape.

  • The History

    As well as classic natural scenes, the region boasts a rich cultural element, with outdoor galleries of Aboriginal rock art lining the cliff faces and an abundance of a fascinating heritage that seeps into every crevice. Scattered throughout the region, there are bush campsites and a labyrinth of bush trails that take you deep into the heart of Australia’s bushland, exposing the incredible native wildlife and an exceptional show of ancient trees and plants. Estimated that the local Aboriginals have lived within the Grampian region for over 10, 000 years, giving the region the name ‘Gariwerd.’ The beginning of European settlement started in the 1830s. Becoming a popular location during the gold rush area as it was one of the larger gold mining regions. The Grampians National Park was declared in 1984, protecting the land from further harm and promoting the history and culture of the land. To learn more about the history of the land, visit Brambuk Aboriginal Cultural Centre. Learn about the aboriginal community’s culture and history and learning about the National Park’s history and inhabitants. Join some fun activities offered, including boomerang Throwing, Didgeridoo workshop, a bushwalk tour, as well as a Dreamtime theatre. With a café and gift shop offered, you can relax among the bushland, grabbing an aboriginal painting after your tour.

  • The Walking Tracks

    Lace up your walking shoes and get ready for some of the best walking tracks in Victoria. Bushwalking is by far the most popular activity for travellers within the Grampians. Trails ranging from flat, shorter walks for young families and older citizens. To multiple day hikes with rock climbing sections scattered along the way. It is an unforgettable environment, home to ancient ferns, trickling creeks, and craggy mountains. If you have a need for speed you can opt for one of the bike trails, the fast-moving tracks get your heart racing as you experience the stunning scenery in a blur.

  • The Waterfalls

    Cool off from the scorching Australian sun and dip into some of the Grampian’s best waterfalls. One example of the many is Mackenzie falls. Well worth the tough trail that leads to waterfall’s base. Watch the water thunder over the cliff top, tumbling down into the calm creek full of slippery rocks and moss. Trek up to the Fall’s lookout offering the magnificent views of the bushland. Otherwise you can head to Silver band Falls, to see the stunning trickle that flows down the large rocky clifftop. Both these waterfalls offering swimming, so visitors can hop into the base pools to refresh in the cool waters.

  • The Wildlife

    Hidden within the rugged mountaintops is a wonderland for Australian wildlife. The entire region is covered in lush greenery, with hundreds of varieties of flora set about! There is no shortage on animals either, with thousands of reptiles, mammals, and birdlife roaming about the region. Simply trekking along the walking tracks will guarantee you at least a couple findings, with koalas, birds, and kangaroos all common sightings.

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