Jutting upwards in a stunning display of velvet peaks and cliffs, the Grampians are an iconic part of Victoria’s western plains. Here, the thick bush and rugged cliffs form an ideal backdrop for hikers, rock climbers, and anyone looking to get up close and personal with nature. Promising an abundance of rich wildlife and outstanding views, the Grampians are the go-to place for unique rock formations and to catch a glimpse of Australia’s mesmerizing landscape.

As well as classic natural scenes, the region boasts a rich cultural element, with outdoor galleries of Aboriginal rock art lining the cliff faces and an abundance of fascinating heritage that seeps into every crevice. Smattered throughout the region, there are bush camp sites and a labyrinth of bush trails that take you deep into the heart of Australia’s bush land, exposing the incredible native wildlife and an exceptional show of ancient trees and plants.

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