Stretching out between Port Phillip Bay and Western Port Bay, the Mornington Peninsula has formed an important part of Australia’s summer scene for over one hundred years. In the past, the inland areas of the Peninsula were made up of verdant farmland and traditional values. Today, the land is now scattered with lush vineyards and vibrant orchards, making it the perfect escape for foodies.

Towards the coast, the Peninsula boasts sprawling beaches, where families frolic with buckets and spades and seaside cafes serve up local treats. Further around along the Bass Strait, the beaches are an unusual black colour and feature a handful of picturesque walks that take in the rugged sea and the wild natural backdrop. If you’re looking to soak up some of Australia’s most jaw-dropping scenes, including a mixed array of beautiful beaches that peter out into the glistening ocean, the Mornington Peninsula is the place to go.