Located in Grantville, en route to Phillip Island, South East of Melbourne, Maru Wildlife Park is a destination that all animal lovers must visit!

Maru Wildlife Park

The Wildlife Park plays host to several native Australian animals including koalas and kangaroos. Whilst at the Maru Wildlife Park, take the opportunity to meet cuddly koalas, hand feed Eastern Grey Kangaroos, or even go for a leisurely stroll with some dingoes. Native parrots reside within the area, so why not have a chat with them, prior to stepping into the snake house where you can get up close and personal with a number of pythons.

The Maru Wildlife Park is one of the major attractions for travellers to visit en route to Phillip Island, and is highly recommended for those hoping to get up close and personal with some of Australia’s native and friendly animals!

Now that you’ve seen some of the adorable Aussie creatures at the Maru Wildlife Park, what are some of the other awesome nature activities that await you just around the bend on Phillip Island?

The Penguin Parade

The world famous Penguin Parade is a joyous natural phenomenon occurring nightly on Phillip Island. It is a wonderful occasion when the island’s resident little penguin population comes strolling up the sand after a long day’s ducking, dodging and weaving in search of fresh fish for dinner!

No visit to Phillip Island is complete without seeing the amazing Penguin Parade, but just be sure you choose the right time to take the kids: the penguins come in with the sunset, so the spectacle occurs earlier (but colder) in the winter and warmer (but later) in the summer!

Seal Rocks

Just around the corner from the marvellous Penguin Parade is another natural wonder that puts Phillip Island on par with the likes of Kangaroo and Rottnest islands. The amazing Seal Rocks is called that for one glaringly obvious reason: it is home to a population of some 25,000 fur seals!

It’s a fun and family-friendly way to spend the afternoon before heading over to the Penguin Parade, as there is so much enjoyment to get out of watching those silly seals frolic and swim around their eponymous rocky outlet.


Phillip Island is one of Australia’s top surfing destinations, with legendary beaches that are perfect for both grommets and pros alike! There are just so many spots where you can catch a ripper wave: Woolamai Surf Beach, Kitty Miller Bay, Smiths Beach, Shelly Beach – the list goes on!

Just be sure to check your experience level before heading out – the intensity of the waves varies across the island, and you don’t want to find yourself in a messy situation if you’re not prepared for one.

Phillip Island Chocolate Factory

If there is one thing your kids will love more than seeing little pingus and seals it’s getting their hands on some delicious Phillip Island choccie! The Phillip Island Chocolate Factory is renowned not only for its tasty treats, but also for its interactive exhibits and displays – it’s a delicious way to cap off your family-friendly Philly adventure!

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