Things to Do in Great Ocean Road

One of the world’s best coastal road trips, the Great Ocean Road is a picture-perfect adventure with an astonishing range of scenery. Starting from the east in the town Torquay and spanning a whopping 243km, finishing at the small-town Allansford. Zigzag around the rocky cliff edges as gusts of sea salt air whip your hair around. Feast your eyes on the jaw-dropping views of the deep royal blue ocean and watch the white waves crash on the rocks below. The Great Ocean Road is not only a picturesque sensation but is also bursting with unforgettable sights for the whole family.

The road is not only a great scenic drive for both locals and tourists but holds a historic significance for all Australian citizens. It is a permanent memorial to those who died in World War I, the jagged cliffs carved out by returned servicemen. It also created an expansion for the coastal towns, as before this road existed, it would take an arduous and long journey through bushland and rough tracks to reach these charming areas.

The Great Ocean Road stretches the entire coastal area, guaranteeing a range of magical attractions. Including natural wonders such as the 12 Apostles, iconic surf beaches, famous towns and much more.

Towns such as Lorne, Apollo Bay and Anglesea are bursting with amazing food, wine, beaches, shops, and friendly locals. They are fantastic for either a quick lunch stopover or an overnight stay on your coastal journey.

For all the animal lovers out there, the Great Ocean Road is home to a lot of popular Australian animals. Why not see the famous Australian Koala in its natural habitat at Kennett River? You can also catch sight of the colourful birds that live among the trees there, such as Lorikeets, Parrots, and the famous kookaburra.

Take in the natural attractions this area has to offer at the Otway’s National Park. Famous for its walks and waterways, hike through the bushland to spot the ancient trees scattered within the forest scenery. Lace up your walking shoes and get ready for some adventure! These incredible treks are suitable for almost any traveller.

For surfers or sea lovers in general, the coast is sprinkled with an array of beaches along the way. From smaller, isolated beaches with amazing rock pools, to larger beaches famous for their great surf. Make sure you pack your swimwear for this adventure!

And of course, one of the most recognisable spots along the Great Ocean Road is the famous 12 Apostles. Glorious limestone stacks emerging from the choppy sea are an unforgettable sight to see. Forming millions of years ago from the weather and sea moulding them over time. Due to this continuous erosion due to natural forces, these apostles will eventually cease to exist. Stand at the cliff tops to view the stunning scenery before you. For an even better look, hop on a helicopter for a bird’s eye view. 

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