A picture-perfect rock formation along the Great Ocean Road. Not quite as famous as the neighbouring 12 Apostles, yet very worthy of a visit. A unique combination of cave, sinkhole and blowhole. Stop at the viewing wall to take in the breathtaking sea views before descending further down to The Grotto.

Often overlooked by many tours, a stop to The Grotto should be on any Great Ocean Road adventure. It is only a 20-minute drive from the Apostles.

The formations continue to change ever so slightly every year from the winds and waves that crash into the limestone.

How to see The Grotto

Walk 700m from the dedicated carpark to see The Grotto from a higher viewpoint.

Well-serviced steps take you on a walk down to see The Grotto at sea level. Admire the work of mother nature and millions of years of erosion that created this fascinating formation.

Nearby attractions

London Bridge – 5 minutes away from The Grotto you will find yet another impressive rock formation. What is now an archway was once a bridge connected to the mainland. Erosion caused the bridge portion to crash into the water. A couple of unlucky travellers had to be plucked from the remaining archway.

Peterborough – a tiny coastal town surrounded by parklands. Port Campbell National Park to the east, and Bay of Islands to the west. Striking nature surrounds the town.

Port Campbell – A small but charming town on the sea. Port Campbell is a lovely place to stop for a bite to eat or a chat with locals at the pub. Bakeries and cafes in towns like these are always worth a visit for a pie or a fresh sandwich and coffee.

The Grotto Map